Bartlett IL, Stained Casement Windows Repair

Repaired window sashes on stained windows, Bartlett, IL

For many homeowners, choosing between stained or painted wooden windows can be a tough decision. The benefit of stained wooden windows is that they are usually made from better quality wood than painted ones as they have to look good naturally, and they also need to be restrained less frequently than you need to repaint painted ones. Painted windows are also more likely to show damage, marks, and flaws in the wood, though they are usually a cheaper option. Some homes have the mixed look, but this all really comes down to personal preference and the aesthetic of your home.

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House Window Brick Molding, Caulking and Painting in Naperville IL

Window repair of failed repair job, Naperville, IL

The story

When you notice weather and water damage getting the better of your windows and resultant damage occurs, many people will call in a repair company in to sort out the damage. The problem, however, is that not all window repair businesses or so called specialists are equal, as the windows in this home in Naperville can attest.

In this home another company or repairman attempted a repair on this window that had faulty seals and water damage, the result was not only unpleasant to look at but resulted in the damage returning (see cuts, added pieces and gaps on the before image).

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Window Mechanism Repair and Brick Molding in Elgin, IL

Fully restored and repaired sill, sash, and brick molding in Elgin, IL

As in many cases, water damage is the number one enemy of wooden windows. When you find that there is a buildup of moisture in and on your windows you may notice that the window mechanism will start to stick, the window will become harder to open and eventually will rot away or have made room for insects and mold to develop. In extreme cases, like the image above, water damage can completely degrade the window, the brick molding (the outside trim) and require a skillful repair.

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