Home Window Repair & Replacement Company In Akron OH

The climate in Akron can get quite humid. Temperatures in the winters are low and snowfall is no surprise. Weather conditions cause the most damage to windows. Regular repair of windows is important for both residential and commercial properties. Apex Window Werks has the solution to all your window repair and replacement needs.

Offering services ranging from replacement and repair of insulated glass units to custom shaped glass repairs, Apex guarantees top quality and professional work.


When should you repair windows?

Damaged windows can be a threat to the security of your home or commercial property. It can also lower your property’s value and can be unpleasant aesthetically.


Cracks in the glass can easily and quickly be fixed. Often, it’s left for too long and the damage increases.  Fixing cracks is important for security.

Replacing units with tempered glass can also be beneficial. Tempered glass is heated and cooled rapidly which makes it stronger than normal glass. If the glass does break it is less dangerous as the pieces are granular. Laminated glass fixes two pieces of glass together with a vinyl layer that prevents the pieces from shattering when it breaks.


If you have insulated glass units on your property and have noticed fogginess, you may need to have repairs done on your windows.

Fogginess is usually caused by a ruptured seal. Heat from the sun and fluctuating temperatures take a toll on IGUs which can result in damage. Moisture deposits seeping between the glass panes can damage the units insulating properties.

With the right tools, the unit can be engineered to get rid of moisture on its own. Apex have mastered the repair process of insulated glass and can easily solve the problem of fogginess.


Wooden window units are susceptible to rot from moisture. It’s important to repair rot before it spreads. If done as soon as possible you can avoid having to replace the whole unit which could cost more.


Working with custom glass is an intricate and delicate process. Because its best left to experts with experience dealing with custom glass, Apex is an ideal solution.

When to replace your windows

Maintenance of your property includes keeping up with new technologies and trends that can add value to the building and make upkeep easier and cost efficient.

Replacing single-pane units with Insulted glass units can increase energy efficiency and provide sustainable heating and cooling solutions.


Tinting the windows of your commercial property offers increased security and creates a sleek look. Apex offers tinting services and a variety of glass designs.

Replace or repair?

Window units that have sustained surface damage can easily be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. However, in some cases the root of the damage may be structural and may need to be replaced. Apex’s team of experts can assess the damage and advise you further. With an A+ BBB rating Apex is more than qualified to offer you the bet solutions.