Bartlett IL, Stained Casement Windows Repair

Repaired window sashes on stained windows, Bartlett, IL

For many homeowners, choosing between stained or painted wooden windows can be a tough decision. The benefit of stained wooden windows is that they are usually made from better quality wood than painted ones as they have to look good naturally, and they also need to be restrained less frequently than you need to repaint painted ones. Painted windows are also more likely to show damage, marks, and flaws in the wood, though they are usually a cheaper option. Some homes have the mixed look, but this all really comes down to personal preference and the aesthetic of your home.

Bartlett IL, Stained Casement Windows Repair Bartlett IL, Stained Casement Windows Repair Bartlett IL, Stained Casement Windows Repair

These stained casement windows, however, were exposed to the elements and water damage, over time, caused deterioration on most of the frame and the window sashes needed to be repaired and replaced. The likely cause of this damage is neglect, a poorly angled sill or lip and simply the ravages of time that allowed water to seep into the wood and rot. The sashes needed to be re-sanded and the finish matched to the rest of the windows.

Failing to repair windows and doors damaged by water in time can become a costly burden on your purse strings as in the future they may become so heavily weather damaged that you will need to replace them in their entirety. Water damage can also lead to mold and insect infestation which is unhygienic and can become a health hazard, especially to asthmatics.

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