How Much Do Tilt and Turn Windows Cost in 2024?

How Much Do Tilt and Turn Windows Cost in 2024?

Updated: 02.12.2024

By Nina Tsoy

With unmatched versatility and a hint of European flair, tilt & turn windows stand out from traditional styles like casement windows. In this article, join our team at Apex Window Werks as we delve into the cost-contributing elements such as material selection and window dimensions that influence the overall value of these game-changing replacement windows. Our experts put special emphasis on custom tilt and turn windows that are tailored to your needs and aesthetics. We aim to provide you with the insights needed to determine whether these fashionable and practical windows constitute a worthy enhancement to your home.

What Influences Tilt and Turn Window Prices?

turn windows tilt

  • Window dimensions: Larger windows require more materials and complex installation, increasing the cost;
  • Material of window frame: Frames made from uPVC, aluminum, or timber all have different costs, durability, and maintenance requirements;
  • Type of glass: The cost can rise depending on whether you choose double or triple glazing, or special coatings for energy efficiency;
  • Customization: Custom designs and unique finishes can add to the price;
  • Hardware and accessories: High-quality handles, hinges, and locks can increase the cost but provide better security;
  • Soundproofing or energy efficiency enhancements: Features like these offer long-term savings but require a higher upfront investment;
  • Installation costs: These can vary depending on the complexity of the installation, location, and contractor rates.

Average uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows Price

Tilt and turn windows come with a broad spectrum of costs. Typically, you might spend anywhere from $200 to $600 per unit on these window options, not including the cost of installation. Opting for custom tilt and turn windows could make your project more expensive. Without delving into the details that constitute these costs, it’s worth noting that the initial investment might be steeper compared to conventional window styles, like wood windows for example. However, the multitude of benefits such as enhanced ventilation, improved security, and potential energy savings still makes this a valuable long-term investment for modern homeowners.

Window Size (mm)Average Prices
1000×1000$620- 915

Cost Overview: Basic Tilt and Turn Windows

Entry-level tilt and turn windows are an affordable choice for homeowners seeking functional versatility without a hefty price tag. On average, these windows can cost between $200 to $300 per unit, excluding installation. They typically utilize uPVC frames and standard double-glazing. They offer the fundamental tilt and turn mechanism but lack higher-end features like advanced energy efficiency or custom finishes. Despite being the most cost-effective, they still provide the advantage of substantial ventilation, security, and easy cleaning.

Mid-Tier Tilt and Turn Window Costs

window frames

Mid-range tilt and turn windows strike a balance between cost and features. These windows often incorporate better quality materials, like durable aluminum window frames or enhanced double-glazing. The average price for mid-tier windows ranges from $300 to $500 per unit, excluding installation. While still relatively affordable, they offer improved energy efficiency and a wider variety of finish and design options. This level provides an excellent compromise for homeowners who want a step up from the basics without stretching the budget too far.

Premium Tilt and Turn Window Price

High-end tilt and turn windows represent the pinnacle of quality and customization. They typically feature top-tier materials like timber frames and triple-pane windows. The average price for these premium windows starts from $500 and can go well over $1000 per unit, depending on the level of customization and features. These windows offer maximum energy efficiency, bespoke design options, and sophisticated finishes. Additional features, like superior soundproofing and high-security hardware, are usually standard. While the initial investment may be higher, the enhanced durability, aesthetics, and performance typically offer better long-term value for discerning homeowners.

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Installation Costs

Installing these European-style windows can significantly vary. It’s influenced by the complexity of the project, window size, and the installer’s rates. Generally, the installation for European tilt windows might add anywhere from $75 to $250 per window to your project’s bottom line. Remember, professional installation ensures your windows function correctly, providing the intended security and ventilation. It’s an important aspect that’s well worth the extra money.

Styling and Enhancements for Tilt and Turn Windows

Styling your tilt and turn windows requires thoughtful consideration due to their distinctive functionality. Given the window pane swings inwards or tilts from the top, window dressings like blinds, curtains, or shutters need to accommodate this movement. Costs can vary significantly, with simple curtain solutions starting around $20 per panel, while internal blinds that move with the window can range from $100 to $500, depending on the size and material. Remember, your chosen window treatments will influence light control, privacy, and aesthetics, so this is a crucial aspect of your overall investment in tilt-turn windows.

Seize the Value: Invest in Tilt and Turn Windows

The investment required for tilt & turn windows can fluctuate significantly, driven by factors such as dimensions, material choices, bespoke customization, and the intricacies of installation. However, these turn windows tilt with a unique design and offer superior functionality, qualities that frequently validate them as a valuable enhancement for numerous homeowners.

At Apex Window Werks, we manufacture our own quality uPVC tilt and turn windows under the Aurora brand and can guide you through this process, ensuring that your choice aligns with your aesthetic preferences, functionality needs, and budget. We proudly serve Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and we’re always here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Apex Window Werks today and let us help you enhance your home’s potential with our premium tilt-turn windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get information about window grants?

Many local and national programs offer grants or tax credits for window replacement, particularly for energy-saving models. We recommend checking with local authorities or utility companies or visiting the U.S. Department of Energy’s website.

Do tilt and turn windows contribute to a higher home value?

Yes, installing tilt-and-turn windows can potentially increase the value of your home as well as save on energy costs. Their unique functionality and sleek European design can be attractive to potential buyers. Furthermore, if you opt for energy-efficient models, such as triple pane windows, they can enhance your home’s energy performance, reducing heating and cooling costs, which can also be a selling point.
Nina Tsoy

Nina Tsoy

With over 15 years of experience in the window repair, replacement, and manufacturing business, Nina is in charge for strategic solutions and exceptional operational performance at Apex Window Werks. This allows her to offer innovative techniques and solutions to address any window-related problem, all while adhering to industry standards and best practices.

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