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While the windows in your home or commercial property were designed to be able to withstand the elements, in time, the years will take their toll, which results in your windows needing some attention. Maintaining your commercial or residential property in bow Mar, CO, is imperative, if you hope to slow down the increase in your utility bills as your the insulation of your property begins to deteriorate.

With Apex Window Werks on hand, window maintenance, restoration, or replacement need be neither a costly nor stressful affair. Apex offer outstanding wooden and glass door and window services, ranging from IGU installation or repair, to customized window installation, maintenance, and repair. Apex always guarantee excellent service and customer satisfaction.


Apex Window Werks are the Window Repair Specialist in Aurora, CO

To take care of your Aurora property’s value, it’s important for you to maintain it regularly. Part of this, is staying on top of new architectural technologies and trends which will raise your building’s worth, while also keeping maintenance and energy costs down. If you replace your single-paned window units with insulated glass units, then this will enable you to increase your property’s energy-efficiency.

Apex Window Werks We offer window replacement services for many window types, which includes single-paned windows, insulated glass units, tempered glass as well as custom shaped windows.

  • IGUs (Insulated Glass Units): Apex Window Werks are famous for specializing in the installation and repair of insulated glass units. These are units which have been hermetically sealed using argon gas, which delivers increased insulation, and is more energy-efficien Made of tempered glass, these IGUs comply with all commercial and residential safety glass regulations.
  • Tempered Glass Units: If you need safety glass installed, Apex are the experts you Safety glass has been hardened so that when it breaks, it becomes small granules, and does not shatter into many sharp, hazardous shards.
  • Customized Window Restoration or Replacement: If your needs or very specific, then do not fear, we are the customized window professionals. Apex provide customized window fittings, like skylights or artistic paneling for example, while providing installation at exactly your specifications.

Call in Apex, the Window Replacement Experts

Apex Window Werks are proudly listed on Angie’s list and have been awarded the prestigious A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. This means that you can relax in the knowledge that your window project is skilled hands. At Apex, we strongly believe that your homes beauty should not be negatively affected by your repair or restoration efforts. We are dedicated to retaining your homes original elegant style. It is this dedication which has earned us our unmatched reputation.

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