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If you need expert window maintenance or repair services, skill you need, call in Apex Window Werks, the window pros in Broomfield, CO. Apex specialize in window installation, repair and replacement, and are always available to deliver the solution your windows emergency, no matter how small or large your project is, whether commercial or residential.

Expert Window Installation, Repair and Replacement Services in Colorado

Should the unexpected happen in your home and your windows were to get damaged, shards of shattered glass can really be quite a threat to the safety of your employees, visitors, or family members. While safety is an issue, windows are allowed to become dilapidated are unsightly, and will negatively impact your property’s value if left unmaintained.


Apex Window Werks have the solution to your windows emergency in Broomfield, CO;

  • Broken, Cracked or Shattered Windows: Cracked windows are very quick and easy to repair, and as such, should be seen too as quickly as possible. Failure to do so will result in even more damage over time, and the resultant security risk is inadvisable. Cracked windows also lead to higher utility bills as heat escapes your home due to the compromised insulation. If you are replacing a window, we advise that you replace it with tempered glass, to prevent harm if the window were to break again.
  • Custom Shaped Windows: Apex are experience in working with custom shaped window, a precise process which should only be carried out by highly skilled professionals.
  • Rotten Wooden Frames: Wood window frames tend to have rotten areas, caused by excess moisture getting into the wood and settling. It’s advisable to repair the rot prior to it spreading and doing further damage.
  • Foggy Windows (Condensation): If you have found that your insulated glass units, or IGUs, are beginning to show condensation between the panes of glass, then it is definitely time to repair the window, and foggy windows is one of Apex Window Werks’ specialties. Generally, condensation between the window panes is caused from seals having ruptured, or fluctuations in temperature between the exterior and interior environment, and these are quite quickly repaired by our highly adept technical team and their cutting-edge equipment.

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Apex Window Werks are highly proficient in the installation, maintenance, repair, restoration and replacement of many window and door types. Always available to deliver affordable solutions, Apex are the friendly, dependable choice.

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Call today for a free estimation. Apex Window Werks are conveniently available to handle your query anytime. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team are standing by to repair, restore, or replace your glass or wooden windows, while ensuring that each project is handled with precision and care. If you seek the windows experts in Broomfield, CO, seek no further!