House Window Repair, Window Glass Replacement Services, Windows Defogging and more In Brunswick Hills OH

Wooden Windows and doors add to the beauty and timeless appeal of any building, especially if they are original to the building they are set in with all the original fixtures. As windows and doors are highly notable features it is also important to ensure that they are well-maintained and in good shape.

Repairing and Replacing Windows

Wooden windows are not particularly bad insulators but are very susceptible to the ravages of time. Without proper maintenance, weathering and organic influences, like rot and insects, can cause your windows to deteriorate and may even become damaged beyond repair. For the most economical solution, only the most severely damaged windows should be replaced, but most of the time a cost-effective repair job and regular maintenance is required.

Check for Window Damage

It is vital that you maintain and treat your windows and repair and replace severely damaged or infested window frames, sills, sashes or fixtures. Be sure to include windows into your household maintenance routine and make sure to assess for badly constructed areas and other flaws that may be allowing water to pool on the actual frames (i.e. no lip, poorly angled sills, etc.), ensure that the varnish, paint or other treatments are not cracking or peeling and, if there is damage, consider resin or splicing techniques to repair these windows and prevent against further damp and decay – or simply request a free quote from the Apex team.

Apex Window Works: Trusted Experts

The experienced and qualified Apex team is dedicated to providing top-quality service and customer satisfaction above all, and it shows. When finding the perfect service providers many turn to review sites, Apex customers have been so satisfied that we feature highly on Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) have awarded us an excellent A+ rating.

Our major areas of expertise

  • Wooden window (and door) repair and replacement

To prevent thermal energy loss through closed windows you need to ensure that your windows have no cracks, leakages or weathering that may allow moisture, rot or insects to set in and create further damage. Apex can replace damaged seals, sills, sashes, frames

  • Glass Replacement

Glass paneled windows and doors tend to add to the freshness and openness of a space, often providing the primary connection to the outside world, however, old, cracked, and damaged windows tend to just look awful and are a major source of heat loss. We will repair/replace double and single pane, insulated, tempered and custom glass window units with clear, tinted, and low thermal emissivity glass. We also provide glazing and tinting services.

  • Repair or replacement of foggy windows

Moisture damaged windows? We know exactly what to do.

  • Fully customizable.

Apex offers a range of window installations, custom fittings, sunroofs or artistic paneling to suit your needs.

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Now servicing Brunswick Hills, Apex Window Werks will provide office and home window repair, replacement, and other window and door solutions.

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