Carol Stream (IL) Patio Door Glass Replacement

Apex Window Werks did sliding door glass replacement in Carol Stream, IL

The story:

The door in the image belongs to a home that was for sale and the owner was asked to replace the patio door per an inspection order, due to the fogged glass. A number of competitors quoted to replace the entire door which would take them between 4-6 weeks to build and install, due to a limited time frame of two weeks, the owners then requested a quote from us.

Carol Stream (IL) Patio Door Glass Replacement
Carol Stream (IL) Patio Door Glass Replacement

Apex opted for a cheaper and more practical solution to the foggy glass doors (which is caused by damaged and deteriorated seal resulting in the window panes not being flush, in thermal and double-pane glass, allowing condensation and moisture to get trapped between the panes) was to replace only the glass, as the frames were in great condition. The glass was cut and fitted in time to ensure the home passed inspection.

This is a case where you need to assess the pros and cons of replacement versus repair of your glass doors or windows. Repair is often the better solution as it is not only a more cost effective option but will also take a lot less time and effort than replacing the entire door. Temperature and pressure fluctuations are a major factor in this kind of damage to the seals in your windows and fog could be an indicator of gaps and leaks as well as moisture in your windows, making them bad insulators and major sources of wasted energy for heating and cooling.

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