Casement Window Sash Repair in Aurora IL

Apex Window Werks repaired Casement window sash in Aurora IL

Annually inspect your home

It is important to inspect your windows at least once a year to identify signs of rot, insect damage, weathering etc. and choose the best route of repairing and preventing further damage. Neglecting to do so may turn a maintenance issue into a very costly replacement of the whole window if not addressed as soon as possible. Luckily for this homeowner, only the lower sash (panel of wood that makes up the frame) of this casement window (side hinged, open outward with a handle/push lever) needed to be repaired, as the process involved the sash being replaced and resealed.

Casement Window Sash Repair in Aurora. IL
Casement Window Sash Repair in Aurora. IL

What causes this?

The delay of repairs and neglect of older homes for many years will often become the burden of a new homeowner and can cost a lot of hard earned money. This is a case of severe water damage as a result of rain and condensation seeping into and rotting the window frame, probably due to a deteriorated sill or lip on the window that would usually help to prevent this.


During your annual inspection, prod the sills and lids for any signs of give as softer wood means you immediately need to address the issue. Also look for possible air leaks, especially around the joints, for damaged seals and cracks in the frame or glass. Scheduling these routine maintenance issues homeowners can use the savings to invest in other household improvements or even a vacation.

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