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Among the most noticeable fixtures of every building, besides its structure and shape, is its doors and windows. If you’re planning on renovating your office building or your home, or hoping to make your shopfront more attractive, your doors and windows are a fantastic starting point. It is vital that you call in the experts to install, repair or replace these fixtures, as badly fitted windows will reflect poorly on your brand, and will end up costing you a lot of money in the long run, particularly in utility bills.


Expert Window installation in Castle Rock, Colorado

Apex Window Werks are the skilled and experienced choice, with almost a decade of exposure to all types of window and door installation and repairs. We deliver high quality, expert service and your satisfaction is our guarantee. Our reputation has earned us a spot on Angie’s List as well as an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Apex Window Werks’ repair and restoration services include materials which are both energy-efficient and affordable.

Our door and window services include:

  • Casement Windows: A very common window type, this is the kind that you see in most buildings. Generally, these windows are found in singular units or pairs and are hinged on one side and within a frame. Casement windows open outward and have a handle or push mechanism, and no rail. These windows are ideal in any room, but suit kitchens particularly well, as well as in your bathroom or above your counter-tops and appliances.
  • Slider windows. These are window sashes which slide right or left to open. Their protrusion is minimal and they have no crank mechanism. This is why they are so trendy and found in many contemporary and modern residential and commercial buildings. These types of windows suits porches, walkways and corridors.
  • Double-Hung Windows. These windows comprise 2 mechanized sashes, which means that they both slide up and down. Double-hung windows the most common type of home windows, as they suit porch and garden facing rooms and patios very well.
  • Bay and Bow Windows. These are generally casement or single-hung units, and usually comprise three windows. The biggest window will be the center, with all three windows encased in one This allows you to expand the space, offering more ventilation and light.
  • Garden Windows. Garden windows work very well near your garden, hence the name. Typically, they protrude from frame of the house, offering a simulation of a miniature indoor greenhouse. Designed to hold vegetation, garden windows contain shelving with ventilation to deliver a well-lit environment for your

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