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The first impression which your company makes, before your customer enters the front door, is your building. Naturally, you want your business premises to reflect your values and standards as a business and brand. If you creating an environment which is as secure as it is aesthetically pleasing, your customers and staff will appreciate it.

At Apex Window Werks, we understand how important it is to create a space which makes your customers feel confident that they are in capable hands. We provide a range of window and door solutions at affordable rates.


Expert Commercial Glass Repair Services in Colorado

For outstanding window and door repairs for your commercial premises, Apex Window Werks are the trusted solution. Boasting an A+ rating from BBB as well as a proud listing on Angie’s List, Apex have a decade of experience in the industry and guarantee that you receive exemplary service at unbeatable rates.

Quality Window Maintenance, Repair and Replacement in Centennial, CO

While damaged windows often go unnoticed, this is not wise. To leave them unchecked for too long will result in worse, more expensive problems. Apex Window Werks always recommend having window repairs performed as soon as you possibly can, for many reasons;

  • Certain issues, such as wood rot in your frames, can gradually increase with time, eventually requiring replacement, a very costly affair, compared to repairs.
  • Security is compromised when your business premises’ windows are broken. Protecting your assets is vital, and visible cracks in your windows will attract the attention of potential thieves.
  • Condensation and water damage happens when too much moisture from the weather outside gets trapped in between the panes of glass. When this occurs, visibility becomes impaired, which creates a very drab atmosphere in your office.
  • Window repairs aren’t just advisable for aesthetic purposes. Poorly-fitted or un-maintained windows will drastically increase your energy bill, as theye are highly energy-inefficient. Clearing your foggy windows will let more light in, thereby limiting how much artificial light you require, further decreasing energy costs. Air leakages between the glass panes and the window’s frame will also result in increased energy costs.

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Window cracks are fairly simple to repair, but if they are left unchecked for too long then it may become necessary to replace them. For security and energy-efficiency, it is advised to repair them as soon as possible, as it will save a lot of money in the long run. An option to consider is to replace the broken with one made of tinted glass, as this provides shatterproof properties.

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Apex Window Werks has the solution in Centennial, CO, to any window or door issue your business may be experiencing, from office door maintenance to intricate window glass replacement. Contact Apex today to learn more about our range of services which includes foggy window repair, window replacement and wooden or door or window replacement and repair.