House Window Repair & Replacement Service in Cleveland

Quality and professional window repair and replacement solutions has finally made its way to Cleveland. Apex Window Werks is based in Elk Grove Village but has brought eight years of experience in the industry to Cleveland.

Apex provides a variety of services relating to window repairs and replacement, serving both the residential and commercial market.  Our portfolio includes everything from insulated glass units to single-pane units to custom shaped glass to skylights and sunny rooms.


Tempered Glass

Broken glass can be dangerous to your family and employees. In many situations, having glass that shutters can be dangerous. Tempered glass is the perfect solution to this problem.

  • Laminated

Laminated tempered glass means two pieces of glass are affixed to each other with a vinyl layer that keeps the glass fragments from spurting when it breaks)

  • Tempered

The glass that is first heated and cooled rapidly, making it stronger than usual. If the glass breaks, it is less harmful as the pieces are more granular.

Custom Shaped Glass Replacement Service

Custom glass has an undeniably attractive and eye-catching quality. It adds character to the space and an elegant finish. Working with custom shaped glass requires expert care and experience. Apex’s competent team offers a full range of custom shaped glass replacement service, regardless of the shape and size needed.

Apex makes an exact sketch of the desired design and ensures that the new unit fits perfectly in its frame, complying with all the necessary insulation parameters.

Insulated Glass Units

Conserving energy and keeping heating expenses low is important and insulated glass units may be the solution you were looking for.

Insulated glass is the combination of two panes of glass sealed together with air or gas between the panes. The insulated unit controls the energy transfer between the outside and the inside of the building, acting as a sustainable heating and cooling option for your home or commercial property.

Apex offers specialized, insulated glass in replacement services at competitive and affordable prices.  Experience technicians use cutting-edge technology to reduce the energy losses between the interior and exterior environment, improving the overall aesthetics of your property.

Insulated glass units can add value to your property and buyers are often looking for energy efficient spaces. Apex can also help improve the longevity of your window units.

Apex prioritizes the customer and ensures that the best solutions are provided. Insulated glass units that are a hermetically preserved space crammed with Argon gas amid glass panes works better than air and provides high quality insulation. Apex’s top grade units are made of annealed or tempered glass with optimal performance coatings.

Naturally, Apex complies with all glass regulations for both commercial and residential structures, and are well equipped to tackle all projects regardless of the size or shape of the glass needed.

Apex also repairs and replaces all single-pane window units for both your home or business. The full spectrum of window re-glazing services is also offered.  Single-pane as well as insulated glass units can have clear, tinted, and low thermal emissivity glass.