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Apex Window Werks are renowned for providing a range of window repair and replacement services, for our commercial and residential clients. Whether it’s single-pane units or insulated glass units you require, or perhaps you needs customized windows or skylights installed, Apex are the windows experts.

Safety Glass Installation

When the unexpected happens to your windows, shards of broken glass pose a hazard to your family or employees. To prevent potential harm, the safest option to go for would be to install windows with glass that have shatterproof glass; tempered or laminated glass window panes provide this safety. Tempered glass refers to glass which has been heated and then rapidly cooled, which makes it hardier than before. Should the glass shatter, the resulting pieces are granular and less potentially harmful. Laminated tempered glass refers to two glass pieces which have been mounted to one other with a layer of vinyl which prevents fragments of glass from jetting out, if it were to break.


Custom Glass Replacement Services in Cold Spring Harbor

Custom glass windows give you the chance to express your uniqueness in your home, providing a conspicuous look, adding character to your home with an exquisite finish. Apex Window Werks have extensive experience in working with customized windows, a job which requires expert experience and care. Our highly skilled team provide a variety of customized window glass repair and replacement services, no matter what your required shape or size may be.

Experts Installers of Insulated Glass Units

If you prioritize energy conservation as well as keeping your heating costs down, then installing insulated glass units, or IGUs, provide the insulation properties to help you achieve this. IGUs refer to two glass planes which have been sealed together, and gas or air is pumped between these panes. Insulated units control the transfer of energy between the exterior and interior of your building, which serves as a sustainable cooling and heating alternative for your commercial or residential property.

Apex are the Window Experts in Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Apex provide specialist IGU replacement and repair services at affordable and competitive prices. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art tools and technology to decrease the loss of energy between the exterior and interior environment, which improves the overall style of your home. IGUs add property value for buyers seeking an energy-efficient space.

Apex Window Werks are compliant with all regulations regarding windows and glass, for both residential and commercial premises; we are highly adept at handling all projects from the smallest to the largest in scale. We also provide repair and replacement services for all single-paned or double-paned windows. We also offer a full spectrum of window re-glazing services for residential and commercial properties.

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