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While having an indoor heating and cooling system in your home may be an effective way of keeping you and your family comfortable during extreme weather, you may also find that your commercial or residential property may be costing you an arm and a leg in utility bills. A useful way to keep these costs down is to look at alternative means of controlling the transfer of energy between the exterior and the interior of the building, such as by installing energy-efficient windows.

Apex are the Expert Choice for Energy-Efficient Window Installations in Aurora, CO

Apex Window Werks have earned a reputation for delivering a variety of window installation and replacement services, for both residential and commercial clients. From single paned windows or IGUs (insulated glass units), to custom shaped window installations or repairs, Apex Window Werks are Aurora’s window professionals.


Apex’s excellent reputation has earned us a spot on Angie’s list. Our dedication to every customer’s satisfaction is the reason for us having been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Apex Window Werks always put the client first, and make it their business to meet your needs. Equipped with the best tools and expertise, Apex are the solution for all your commercial and residential requirements window installation and repair services you may have.

Apex Window Werks is the Name You can Trust in Window Replacement

Broken windows are very risky, security-wise, and pose a serious health hazard, and even have the potential to decrease your property’s value if they remain un-repaired, and is not aesthetically pleasing. Apex Window Werks has the window and door installation and repair experts in Aurora, CO.

  • Customized Windows: We are experienced at working with custom shaped glass, an intricate process which should be carried out by professionals.
  • Rotten Wood: Wooden window frames generally rot because of too much moisture. You need to repair the rot before it spreads, or you will end up having to replace the whole frame.
  • Fogginess: If your IGUs have started showing condensation between the panes, then is possible to repair the windows without needing to replace them. Foggy windows is usually the result of seals which have ruptured, which happens from general war and tear and changes in season.

Breaks and Cracks: Apex can easily repair these, which you shouldn’t ignore, as the resultant damage will be a lot greater over time. It is imperative that you repair cracked windows, for security purposes. If you need to replace your shattered or cracked window, why not replace the unit with tempered glass? If the window happens to break again, the tempered glass will break into granules instead of shattering into sharp, hazardous shards of glass.

The Best Glass Restoration & Replacement Service in Aurora, CO

Call the skilled, expert and friendly team at Apex if you need window maintenance, repair or replacement in Aurora, CO. Our friendly team is always standing by to deliver the professional advice you require.