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What can be less appealing that a foggy window blocking the picturesque view outside your lovely home? Condensation in windows can be very unsightly, but it can be very costly to replace your window units. While replacement may be necessary in extreme cases, it is actually possible to repair foggy windows at a very reduced cost. Apex Window Werks are the foggy window experts, offering a solution which is both convenient and affordable.

What Causes Fogginess in Thermal Windows?

While many older building still feature single-paned window units, it is far more common to find double-paned windows which are phasing them out. Double-paned, or thermal windows are also known as insulating glass units, or IGUs. Insulated glass units have been filled up with with dense argon gas, which  increases their insulation properties. Thanks to this gas, the cold air coming from the exterior is impeded from entering the warm interior of your home. Unfortunately, when the window’s seal is damaged and doesn’t seal properly, then excess moisture pools inside our window frame and creeps up in between the panes, causing the condensation you see.


The damaged seals which lead to foggy windows is not the only cause of condensation. Constant changes in temperature between the interior and exterior environment cause your fixtures to swell and shrink which makes your window units more prone to wear and tear.

Trust Apex Window Werks to Quickly Repair Your Foggy Windows in Edgewater, CO

Apex won’t replace your entire window unit unless it is absolutely necessary. With our vast experience in assisting our clients in with removing the moisture causing condensation on their windows, we have mastered the procedure. There are several reasons why Apex Window Werks are the name to trust;

  • Apex only use energy-efficient equipment and technology to help save you
  • Our proven defogging process removes the need for costly foggy windows replacement.
  • Our unique process is both quick and efficient
  • Apex offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty.
  • We help you retain the beauty and aesthetics of your windows and doors
  • Apex Window Werks will protect your windows against future

Apex Window Werks’ proven procedure is where we install or Defogger TM valve and seal, designed to remove excess moisture from between the panes of your insulated glass unit. This way, we quickly transfer the moisture to the exterior of your home, to prevent it from stagnating in the window panes. This way, the insulative property of your windows remains intact. Apex are proud of our A+ rating from the BBB, as well as a prestigious Angie’s List listing.

Call Edgewater’s Most Trusted Window Experts

Get in touch with Apex Window Werks today to find out more about our free quote offer as well as our unbeatable rates. At Apex, we are go out of our way to provide the value for money that you deserve.