Glass Repair and Replacement Services Near Elgin, IL

What do you do when you need top quality glass repair in the Elgin area, done at the best price? Well, that’s simple. You call Apex Window Werks. We have been in the glass replacement game for over 8 years, and we gained a reputation for excellent service. That’s because we go the extra mile.

Super Glass Replacement

When it comes to glass replacement, there’s no job that we can’t handle. Nothing is too big or small. Do you need to replace a single small pane of glass in a decorative window? Easy as pie! What about replacing broken windows? Not a problem! Even if you need to replace very large sliding glass doors, we’ll install it quickly and at a price, you’ll like.

Apex Window Werks Can Fix It

One of the biggest reasons why we are such a beloved glass company, besides the excellent quality of our glass replacement, is because we fix things many other glass companies don’t. If you have a glass repair job, you can trust us with it. Here are just a few of the things we can fix for you.


Wooden Window & Door Restoration

Do you have wooden windows? Beautiful old ones that are unfortunately looking a bit tattered? Or even newer ones that have seen a lot of neglect? What about wooden doors with little decorative windows? We can fix it all.

Let’s stick to windows for a moment. Why don’t we just recommend that you replace your dilapidated wooden windows with modern uPVC or composite materials? Simple. Wood is beautiful, and it’s surprisingly durable if it’s maintained properly. Besides, if you have a heritage property, you absolutely need to hang onto your wooden windows, because modern ones will look awfully out of place. Having nicely restored wooden windows will also increase the value of your property.

Here’s where Apex Window Werks come to the rescue. We are experts at wooden window and door restoration. Whether it’s slightly warped or severely rotted, we can restore and reconstruct it to the way it looked before. We also improve poor designs to improve drainage and prevent future moisture problems.

Foggy Double Glazing Repair

The worst thing about double glazing is the awful permanent condensation that collects in the middle of the two panes. This happens when the seals on the insulated glass units start deteriorating. In the beginning, it’s just a bit of moisture that causes some condensation.

Then, if left unchecked, it can cause unsightly cloudy sediment to accumulate inside. Most glass companies will insist that you replace your foggy windows with brand new ones. But Apex is not just any glass company. Where other companies take the easy way out by offering you something new, we repair it when we can. We have an innovative defogging service, which clears up the fog and gives you many more years of crystal clear windows.

Happiness guaranteed

We’re only happy once you are happy. And that happiness starts with giving you an amazing estimate, so call Apex Window Werks today.