We Remove Fog From Windows

8 years of quality window defogging, installations and repairs

Broken and cracked windows, leakage, rotting wooden window frames and doors, all of these things can be costly to repair. It can also lead to even more damage if left unchecked. Apex Window Werks can repair and replace all of the above and more, in both a cost and time efficient manner. Our experienced and qualified team can help you see clearly again.

Our credentials

Apex Window Werks has been accepted to Angie’s List. This stamp of approval is reserved for businesses who consistently deliver exceptional service and quality of workmanship. We work hard on every job to retain our listing. The Better Business Bureau also think we’re something special: we are proud of our A+ BBB rating. Our services are clearly a cut above the rest.

What we can do for you:

We can install and repair your home windows, from a single pane to a whole set of sash windows. We can install tempered glass in your patio doors, and even add a reflective coating.

We can help with all your glass replacement emergencies. Accidents happen, and glass is fragile. We will have the damage undone swiftly and efficiently.

We specialize in the restoration of wooden window frames and doors. Some companies will insist on installing new units, but our exceptionally skilled team can rebuild and restore rotten and damaged wooden elements. We can retain the original appearance of your house, instead of altering it with newer units. We can also improve on inefficient designs, and make custom windowsills to improve drainage. Our approach can be more cost effective by replacing only what needs replacement.

Zip codes near Evanston, Illinois: 60201, 60202, 60203, 60204, 60208, 60209

Foggy windows happen when condensation builds up inside double pane windows due to a deteriorating seal. Over time this can cause permanent damage if the problem isn’t fixed. This can include moisture damage to wooden frames, and can cause thermal insulation to deteriorate, landing you with a higher energy bill. Our competitors will replace the whole unit, but we can fix it for less. By installing our proprietary defogger valve and seal, the moisture is expelled, and the insulating properties of the window is retained for many years to come.

Custom shapes and sizes are no problem. We cut glass of any shape and size to measure, and guarantee a precise fit. We can do this for any type of glass, single pane, double pane, clear, tinted, etc.

We also do commercial glass installation and repairs. Broken factory windows can allow the elements and birds inside, causing damage to equipment. Your shop windows can attract business if they are in a good condition, and we can make them look like new. Maintaining proper insulation can also ensure the comfort of your staff and customers.

Free quotes for Evanston

We constantly expand our reach, and Evanston already has several of our happy clients. Our company is eager to give you the same exceptional window installation and repair service. Contact us today, and we will give you a quotation that will make you smile.