Glass Repair and Replacement Services Near Evanston, IL

In the time that we have been around, which is nearly a decade now, we have gained a reputation as a glass company that provides excellent service. And why is the quality of our work so highly regarded? That’s because we always go the extra mile to give you the best without charging you more.

In fact, we never insist on replacing something if we can repair it. We like repairs. We’re good at it. And that’s why we offer more glass repair services than most other companies. How can we help you? Have a look at what we can do.

We Fix Foggy Double Glazing

You know the frustration when your double-glazed windows fog up on the inside. Sometimes it goes away after a short while, so you think the problem is gone. But then it comes back with a vengeance, and so you give up hope. And eventually, they become dirty and cloudy with sediment.

That’s because the seals between the two layers of glass have deteriorated, which then allows moisture to enter. Most glass companies will insist on replacing the foggy windows. The reason for that is because foggy windows don’t have the same thermal insulation as brand new ones. There’s an inert gas inside that improves insulation.

When this escapes, the window loses some insulation. But that’s no reason to replace it because the energy savings of a new window will be far lower than the cost of the replacement. We help you save more money by clearing up the fog. We have a process for clearing up the fog and grime on the inside, and installing improved seals to keep your windows as clear as new ones for a long time to come.


We Restore Wooden Windows And Doors

Your broken wooden windows and doors can enjoy a new lease on life in our capable hands. Our team of expert restorers has the skill to rebuild even severely warped and rotted wood. We cut out the rot and join in new wooden sections. After we paint the window, it will look like its former great self again. We also redesign ineffective wood designs to improve drainage and prevent future damage.

We Are Experts At Glass Replacement

Of course, besides the other things we do well, we are also glass replacement experts. Do you want to replace your old windows with double glazing? We can do that. Replace a broken window? Yup, any size, and shape, plain or with coatings, we supply the best, and we install it best.

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