Home Window Repair & Replacement, Window Glass Replacement Services, Windows Defogging and More In Glen Cove NY

Apex Window Werks in Glen Cove will be there for all of your window and door repairs and replacements. We have been running for 8 years and performing quality work every step of the way. The demand we see for our services has called us to expand our business.

Why We are the Right Choice for You

  • Many years of quality workmanship and excellence service.
  • Proud awardee of a Better Business Bureau A+ rating
  • We have the Angie’s List stamp of approval meaning we are a company you can trust
  • A team of experienced and qualified individuals who can replace, repair and restore window frames, window glass and wooden doors

Broken Window Glass Replacement in Glen Cove

Apex Window Werks Glen Cove has a dedicated team who are skilled in replacing any type of glass you might need, from single and double paned to tempered and specialized glass. We also specialize in custom glass cutting to make sure that each replaced window will fit perfectly. As accidents happen and glass is fragile, we will be readily availbe to tend to all of your glass emergencies. At Apex Window Werks, we don’t just do house calls but also offer our services to commercial businesses. Broken windows in business can cause damage to stock, the work place, and equipment from the outside elements. We will repair or replace any windows and make your staff happy and make your business look like new.

Fogged Window Repair

Double paned windows will become foggy for two main reasons; the first being that the unit has become damaged in the seal from exposure to the element while the second reason is that the unit was improperly installed. Apex Window Werks in Glen Clove offers a cost effective method of de-fogging without replacing the entire unit and leave you with clear viewing.

Wooden Window and Door Restorations

Windows and doors crafted from wood are a beautiful part of any home, however over the years they will be exposed to the elements and nature will damage them. While most companies will simply replace any damaged windows and doors, we will first try to restore the original work and keep your home’s original beauty intact.

Our Work is Our Pride

At Apex Window Werks we have been providing quality service and workmanship for 8 years. This has given us two accomplishments which we are very proud of. Our excellent quality has placed us on Angie’s List, showing how dedicated we are to world class workmanship and service. We have also been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Contact Us for a Quote

We would like nothing more than to give our clients the quality service which they deserve at a price which is highly competitive in Glen Cove. We have left all of our customers satisfied and wish to grow this satisfaction, so contact us for you free quote.