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Fine details and the little finishes allow for the character of any building to express itself and be brought to life. The glass that we choose for the windows in our homes is important to consider as they offer both visual beauty and safety. It is for this very reason that choosing the right glass window fittings is important and should take a moment of consideration.

Although there are many benefits to using glass in your windows, the obvious downside is that glass does break from time to time. Fortunately this doesn’t need to be a big or stressful situation if you hire a professional team with quality services to remedy the problem.


Apex are the Residential Window Repair Pros

Your home is a big part of who you are and should be maintained with love and care. Those who you bring into your home to maintain any situation need to be reliable, professional and experienced in their field. Apex Window Werks brings all these traits to the table, so that all your repairs can be done efficiently and quickly.

Windows don’t need to be broken to be repaired or replaced as there are many reasons to maintain your window fittings. Your window fittings may have sustained damage from the elements that haven’t yet been noticed. Having repairs done can save you money in the long run by making sure that your window glass is well fitted and if you’ve implemented proper energy efficient solutions.

With the technology that we have today, there are many options to choose from when it comes to glass windows. Apex Window Werks has eight years of business experience behind our name as well as achieving an A+ rating by the BBB. We can provide you with expert insight that will give you the best solution in Golden Colorado for your home.

Fitting glass windows and doors is a relatively simple process. Firstly an estimator will come to your home and determine which windows need repair or replacement. A qualified technician will come in and take care of the broken window or fittings. Sometimes, although a window is cracked it may not need to be replaced and only need to be repaired.

Golden Tempered Glass Installation and Repair Services

Sometimes, glass can become dangerous and lead to injury if broken, in these situations, tempered glass may be a better choice. This kind of glass has less of a chance of being broken or damaged. There are two kinds of tempered glass available:

  • Laminated – when two separate pieces of glass are sealed together with a vinyl layer, preventing the glass from shattering if broken.
  • Tempered – this kind of glass is heated and then rapidly cooled, making it stronger than usual glass. If tempered glass is broken, the pieces are less dangerous.

Custom Shaped Glass Replacement Service in Golden, Colorado

Apex Window Werks is able to create custom designs that transform the entire space they are placed in. These kinds of custom replacements should be left to professionals, and we guarantee that all custom designs are created efficiently, follow all necessary insulation parameters and will fit perfectly.

Our Golden, CO portfolio at Apex Window Werks includes: insulated glass units, custom glass units, single-pane units, sunny rooms, skylights and much more. We also offer different finishes to our single-pane and insulated units including clear, tinted and low thermal emissivity glass.

Call Apex today for a free quote and ensure your windows are kept up to standard.