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8 Years of Top Quality Repairs and Installations

Over time, windows and doors that have been exposed to the elements will begin to leak, break, crack or rot. Repairs or reinstallations for these types of damage are usually a costly exercise, and if they are not repaired properly will lead to further damage. With Apex Window Werks, we will help you with all issues listed above with quality repairs or replacement. With our friendly team of qualified and experienced, we will give you a crystal clear view while being time and cost effective.

The Credentials

At Apex Window Werks we have two very prestigious acknowledgments that we are incredibly proud of. We have been added to Angie’s List for our consistent delivery of quality workmanship and exceptional services. It’s not just Angie’s List who think we are brilliant at what we do, the Better Business Bureau have given us an A+ on their rating list. These are two achievements we deserve and are proud to boast about.

Trust in the Apex Name to Provide;

  • Wood window/door repair and replacement services
  • Fogged window repair
  • Window glass replacement
  • Custom shaped glass installation and replacement
  • Commercial window repair/replacement

Our Skills:

Installation and repair of home windows are skills high on our list and we are ready to tackle any request, whether it is for doors or windows that require any specialized glass.

We know that accidents happen, so we have trained our highly qualified team to be readily available for all your repair and replacement emergencies in Great Neck, NY. We will leave you astonished but the quality and efficiency of our work.

Restoration or wooden doors and window frames are our specialty. Our team of exceptionally skilled professionals will restore and rebuild wood that has been rotted by the elements before suggesting a replacement, unlike many other companies. We are able to retain the originality of your house rather than mismatching the architecture with newer units while altering any designs that prove to be ineffective with drainage. We believe in being as cost effective as possible by only replacing what really needs replacing.

Fogginess in double-paned window glass happens when it has been improperly sealed and installed. If this problem is not fixed, it could lead to permanent window damage such as loss of the thermal insulation and rotting frames. This will weigh heavy on your energy bill and cost a lot to replace the whole window unit, but Apex Window Werks has developed a solution. We are able to repair condensation in double-paned windows with our propriety defogger valve and seal which removes the gathered moisture and leave your double-paned windows good as new.

Need a Free Quote?

Great Neck, NY has already had several happy clients and we plan to broaden our clientele horizons. We are ready and waiting to bring you the same amazing services in window repair and installation so feel free to contact us for a free quotation.