Greenfield WI Home Window Repair, Window Glass Replacement Services, Windows Defogging and more

Rejoice, Greenfield! Apex Window Werks is here to provide quality window glass services at an unbelievably affordable cost. We install windows and glass, but we do so much more. We have some innovative solutions to your needs that may well save you money.

Some of our commercial and home glass services:

  • Restoration of wooden window frames and doors.
  • Custom sizes and shapes of any type of glass, cut to your exact specifications.
  • Foggy windows cleared up with out revolutionary process.
  • Glass replacement at your home or business.
  • Installation of new windows, and glass of any size and type.

Our badges of honor

For 8 years we at Apex Window Werks have made it our mission to be the best company in the glass installation business. Our hard work has earned us some glowing accolades. We stand proudly among the giants of quality service on Angie’s list, and we have been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can rest assured that when we install your commercial or home windows, you will get only the best service.

Wooden window and door restoration

There are few things more heartbreaking than seeing your beautiful vintage wooden window frames and doors in a severely damaged state. Poor maintenance can lead to water damage, which can cause rotting over time. And the less said about unwanted insect damage, the better. The good news is that your house can look young again, thanks to our restoration service. Instead of replacing an irreplaceable sash with a new one, we can rebuild your existing ones with new materials. We save what we can, and replace the severely damaged sections with new wood. The end result will be something that is a close or exact match to the original. We can also make improvements to the window or door design to allow for better drainage, if necessary.

No more fog

Insulated double pane windows are an expensive but worthwhile investment that can save you lots of money in heating and cooling bills. But if a pane starts to fog up permanently, it can be a sign that it has a ruptured seal, and that its ability to provide thermal insulation will start deteriorating. If this is not addressed soon enough, sediment can start building up between the panes of glass, making the problem even worse.  Instead of paying a lot of money to have it replaced by a new sealed unit, we can fix it for a lot less. We have a specialized process for re-engineering the window pane, which involves installing a new defogger seal and valve that will allow trapped moisture to escape, and allow the window to remain clear for many more years.

Call us for guaranteed satisfaction

We are always happy when we can give a new client a better window installation experience than they expected. Would you like us to exceed your expectations? Contact us right away with your glass emergency, and we will arrive on your doorstep for a free quotation that will put a smile on your face.