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There is a certain charm, warmth and elegance that come from wooden windows and besides looking great, they provide many advantages. They are customisable with a variety of finishes to suit your personal preferences in Greenwood, Colorado. Wood is completely energy efficient and has its own natural insulation properties, but they will require a little maintenance. If they are properly cared for, wooden window frames can last for years and having a team of experts working on them will ensure that you have no problems.

When it comes to wooden window fixtures, or any kind of window for that matter, Apex Window Werks are the windows experts you can trust to assist you with any type of door or window job, be it residential or commercial. We have many years of experience in installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing all types of glass and wooden window and door fixtures, including custom shaped windows and doors. We have a decade of experience in handling repairs to old wooden windows and know exactly what to do to save you both time and money.


The natural beauty that comes with wooden window frames is lost easily if the wood starts to rot. The rot is caused by the harsh elements that the frames are exposed to, especially moisture and once this rot sets in, it can put an end to the frame looks and works. Maintaining wooden frames regularly is an essential part of keeping away the rot and making sure that your frames last for years.

Call in Apex Window Werks, The Greenwood Window Experts

It is vital to catch rot in wooden window frames before it starts to spread so that the entire window won’t need replacing. Apex Window Werks is able to restore and repair all parts of wooden window frames including the sills, sashes and frames. To fix rotting wood is a simple process but it does require careful planning. Apex Window Werks holds eight years of experience and can expertly restore rotting wood in no time. It is important to attend to rotting frames early as the weakened frames can put your home or business at risk.

How Wood Rot Is Repaired

Step 1 – Assess the damage

You will need to determine the extent of the rot and how much damage has been done. If the rot has spread too much, the whole frame may need to be replaced. Apex Window Werks replace wooden window frames quickly and cost-effectively. If 10 percent or less of the frame has suffered damage, it is restorable.

Step 2 – Remove the rot

Apex will remove all the rotten wood leaving the area clean and free of debris.

Step 3 – Drilling the holes

We will then drill holes into the frame so that the fillers have a secure fit.

Step 4 – Apply the consolidant

The consolidant is applied to fill the drilled holes.https://apexwindowwerks.com/contacts/

Step 5 – Apply the filler

Apex finishes off the restoration by applying wood filler, bringing the frame to its original size and shape.

Step 6 – Painting

Sanding down the frame and repainting applies the finishing touches to the restoration process. This is a very important step as applying a good quality finish will protect the frame from future damage caused by moisture.

Apex Window Werks are Greenwood’s Window Repair Specialists

Our portfolio at Apex Window Werks showcases a variety of all things window related and takes pride in our work and testimonials which demonstrate our dedication to excellent service. All Apex technicians are properly qualified and will take good care of your property restorations.

All the work we do at Apex Window Werks is guaranteed to leave our customers satisfied with what we’ve done. We will follow up on all of our completed projects so we can address any concerns you may have. Our top notch services won’t break your bank as Apex Window Werks is affordable with the most competitive prices in Colorado, for residential or commercial services. Should you have any wooden window frames that require maintenance or repairs, contact us for a free quote.