Home Window Repair & Replacement Services, Glass Replacement, Defogging & More in Hanover Park, IL

Quality glass services are around the corner. We are proud to offer the best work in the business to Hanover Park, at a cost you or your business can afford. Apex Window Werks has been around for 8 years, with no slowing down, and with the same passion for excellent service and work than when we first started out. Our excellent service extends beyond what some of our competitors offer.


Specialized services:

Wooden window and door restoration – We give your battered wooden windows and doors a new lease on life by replacing the damaged sections with newly shaped wood.

Matching of existing look – Your heritage property can retain its look with our custom made sash windows. In this case it’s better to fix what you have than to replace it with something new that would change the appearance of your house.

Custom windowsills – If your wooden windows lack windowsills, chances are that they can get water damage due to poor drainage. We can install custom built windowsills and improve your window design to prevent the problem from happening again.

Foggy window repair – Fogged up insulated double pane windows can obscure your view, and cost a lot to replace, but we can repair it instead for a lot less by installing a defogger seal and valve.

Glass of any shape and size for your home windows

We install window glass of any type, from the tiniest custom shaped decorative window pane to the largest sliding door. We can also repair and replace your cracked and broken windows in an emergency. If the glass you require is not a standard size, we can cut any type of glass to the size and shape you require. Both laminated and tempered safety glass are available for high risk areas, where breakage could result in serious injury. Your dark passages can be illuminated naturally with the installation of a skylight.

You’re in good company

Your business can also enjoy the great service of Apex Window Werks. From beautiful shop front windows to replacing broken panes on a factory roof, we’ve got you covered. We are one of the best companies at what we do, and those in the know agree. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) have awarded us an A+ rating for outstanding service and quality workmanship. Our experienced and qualified team give their best work on every job, and our excellence has also been rewarded by acceptance to Angie’s List. With accolades like these to recommend us, you know you’ll be getting the best bang for your buck.

Work done at an affordable cost

Replacement is often a needlessly expensive solution to a problem where a quick fix will do. We won’t sell you an expensive solution when we know that a cheaper option exists, for instance a quick patch job, or sanding down a catching frame, or a paint touch up. But we can do even the biggest jobs at a very competitive price. If you want the right solution for your budget, contact us for a free quotation today.

Hanover Park, Illinois zip codes: 60133, 60193