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You may have noticed that some of your windows, no matter how often you clean them, are becoming increasingly difficult to see through because it looks like you are looking through a mist- these foggy windows are the result of moisture build-up between the glass panes.

This can be frustrating and horrible to look at as it obscures your view, but, not to worry, foggy window repair is an Apex Window Werks specialty.

What are foggy windows and how does it occur?

Usually thermal or double pane windows get fogged glass when there is moisture build-up between the window panes themselves. Temperature and pressure fluctuations caused by the sun and other conditions can cause wear and tear on the glass and seals and may lead to a ruptured seal – leading to  excessive condensation setting in and causing permanent damage, destroying the insulation properties of the windows.

Although moisture circulation and the evaporation cycle are natural and unavoidable, you will need to get the problem repaired by experienced window professionals.

Who are Apex Window Werks?

Apex Window Werks offer the highest quality and most cost-effective home window repair services available in Hudson.

Established in 2008, Apex Window Werks have over 8 years of window and door repair and replacement experience and specialty skills in window defogging. As customer satisfaction is so important you can find reviews and special Apex offers on trusted review site Angie’s List and find out why BBB (the Better Business Bureau) awarded us an A+ rating.

Foggy Window Repair near You

The Apex Defogger™ valve and seals quickly remove condensation from thermal and double pane windows. The Defoggers, with the aid of proprietary and precision tools, the Apex team will repair and re-engineer your windows to ensure that your windows are well insulated (restoring the insulating R-Value to your windows) and energy efficient as the movement of hot and cold air out of closed windows is restricted, restoring them to their former glory and preventing future fogging without any mess or inconvenience to you.

For the fastest, most effective and trusted service, choose Apex Window Werks. Why?

  • We will ensure that the original aesthetics of your doors and windows remain intact.
  • No need for expensive foggy windows replacement jobs.
  • The proven process will protect your windows from any further damage for years to come as Apex offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty
  • Our preferred repair projects and use of energy efficient technology will save you time and money.

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For experienced, affordable and convenient professional service near you, Apex Window Werks will fix your fogged windows and bring them back to their original state.

Now servicing Hudson, Ohio, the experienced and qualified Apex Window Werks team will help you restore your commercial or residential windows. Request a free quote from us via the ‘Contact Us’ form or contact one of our trusted experts and customer representatives.