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Apex bring 8 Years of Quality Window Installations and Repairs to Jericho

Windows seem like simple and easily maintained but over time they can leak, crack, break and even rot. These are problems will become worse and worse over time and can be very costly to fix or repair. At Apex Window Werks we strive to be time and cost effective with our experienced team in Jericho, NY that will help you with any window issue you may face.

Apex Window Werks Credentials

We have two very impressive achievements at Apex Window Werks that show us to be a class above the rest. With our promise and performance of consistent quality and delivery in both our workmanship and services, Angie’s List has added us to their list. These promises which have been delivered every time has also given us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Apex Window Werks highly values these credentials and strive to maintain and improve our level of quality.

So What Is It We Can Do

No matter what shape, size or type of glass you need installed or replaced in your home, we will sort it out and leave you smiling. Glass is a fragile thing and we all know that accidents happen. Apex Window Werks are ready and able to attend to all of your glass and window emergencies, and being swift and effective will leave you delightfully surprised.

Our Quality Window Services in Jericho Include;

  • Wood window/door repair and replacement services
  • Fogged window repair
  • Custom shaped glass installation and replacement
  • Commercial window repair/replacement
  • Window glass replacement

Wooden window frames are a passion of ours and while other companies out there will insist on replacing the frame, we are skilled in restoring and rebuilding rotted and damaged window frames. We will make the necessary restorations to maintain your homes original appearance, as nothing would be odder than a house with mismatching windows. We also have the abilities to alter any window design that proves to be useless with drainage. Client satisfaction is important to us and we will not suggest replacements where simple repairs can be made instead.

Other companies are only able to provide glass to their own shapes and sizes, Apex Window Werks, on the other hand, will ensure that your windows fit perfect every time. It won’t matter what kind of glass you need in whichever shape and whatever size, we have the skills to meet your requirements.

While we have spoken about home glass repair mostly, we are also skilled in commercial glass repair in Jericho, NY. Whether it is a simple repair for a single factory window, or a window design to attract more customers to your business, we are ready to be there for you. Apex Window Werks will also give you recommendations on the right kind of glass to keep your staff happy and comfortable.

Free Quotation

We are always expanding our reach and growing our business. With all of our happy clients in Jericho NY, we look forward to providing you with the same promise of quality and service. Contact us and request a free quote that will make you excited to work with us.