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Apex Window Werks has made its way to Lafayette, bringing with us our quality window repair and replacement solutions. At Apex Window Werks, we provide a variety of services for window repair and replacement for both residential and commercial buildings. Our portfolio showcases everything we do from insulated to single-paned glass units, custom shaped glass to sunny rooms and skylights.

Tempered Glass

A broken window can be dangerous to your family, pets and employees especially if the glass has shattered. Tempered glass offers you the perfect solution to this problem.

  • Laminated

Laminated tempered glass is when two individual pieces of glass have been fixed together with a layer of vinyl ensuring that if it breaks, it will keep the broken pieces inside the vinyl instead of exploding out.

  • Tempered

Tempered glass has been rapidly heated and then cooled allowing for the glass to be stronger than usual. When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into small granular pieces that are less harmful.


Custom Shaped Glass Replacement Service

Quality customized glass shapes are unquestionably eye-catching and attractive as they add character and elegance to a space. Creating and working with custom glass pieces require both experience and expert care. That’s why at Apex Window Werks, we offer a wide range of custom glass replacement services, no matter the shape or size needed. We will draw up the desired design and make sure that the custom unit fits the frame perfectly and complies will all necessary insulations parameters.

Insulated Glass Units

It is important for all of us to conserve energy and keep our heating expenses low and that is why where insulated glass units may be the solution for you. Insulated glass is a unit containing two pieces of glass sealed together with argon gas between the two panes. These insulated units help to control the energy transfer between the inside environment and the outside environment in a building, meaning that these are a sustainable option for heating and cooling in residential or commercial properties.

Apex Window Werks offer specialized and affordable services in insulated glass replacement at competitive prices. Our experienced technicians are trained in using cutting edge technology to reduce energy loss between the interior and exterior environments which will improve your property’s aesthetic quality.

Insulated glass units will also add value to your property as many buyers will often look for energy saving spaces and at Apex, we can help to improve the longevity of your insulated glass units.

Our customers are our highest priority and we ensure that they will receive the best solutions. This is why our insulated glass units are hermetically sealed and why we use argon gas between the glass panels as this works better than air to provide high quality insulation. The top grade insulation units from Apex are made using tempered or annealed glass to ensure optimal performance coatings.

At Apex Window Werks we comply with all residential and commercial glass regulations and we are and we have the equipment to take on every project regardless of the needed size or shape of the glass.

We are also able to make repairs and replacements on single-paned glass units for both business and home. We offer Lafayette a full range of window re-glazing and glass finishes such as: insulated units, clear glazing, tinted glass and low thermal emissivity glass.