Home Window Repair & Replacement Services, Glass Replacement, Defogging & More in Lake Zurich, IL

Weather damaged wooden window frames and doors can be costly to replace, but Apex Window Werks offers cost effective restoration in Lake Zurich, along with a wide range of window glass services.

We provide these services to your home and business:

  • Glass installation in commercial and home windows, glass doors, skylights, and any other application.
  • Repairs of insulated double pane units – defogging and installation of an improved seal and valve.
  • Wooden window and door repair and restoration – we rebuild rotten or severely damaged sections to retain the original appearance.
  • We attend to any broken glass emergency at your house.
  • Custom shaped glass of any type, cut to your exact specification.


No more high cost glass replacement

Replacing a pane of glass can be costly, especially when more than one sash needs replacement. Often a more expensive solution is offered than what is necessary. Our expert team at Apex Window Werks will always look for the most affordable option for your needs. In the case of foggy insulated windows, we will never insist that you replace the whole sealed unit. We have an advanced process for removing the ruptured seals and replacing them with more efficient ones that allow for moisture circulation, thereby ensuring that they remain clear and efficient. We offer glass installation, repair and replacement services at a very competitive cost, because we know that we don’t win by ripping you off.

We can fix your cracks

Minor cracks and warps and imperfections in your wooden window frames and doors are no reason to replace the whole thing. We gladly carry out minor repairs and patches if that is all that is needed to make your house look neat again. We also carry out much more elaborate repairs and restoration on severely damaged rotten and bug eaten wood. By reconditioning slightly damaged sections, and rebuilding sections that are beyond repair with new wood, we save you a lot of money in material costs. As an additional bonus, this process won’t drastically change the look of your house, like new off-the-shelf units would.

The experts rate us highly

We pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and top notch service. Our past clients have high praise for us, and you can read some of their reviews on Yelp. Our hard work has earned us a place on Angie’s List, where we are featured alongside the best service providers around. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also thinks we are great, and has awarded us an amazing A+ rating. We are confident that you would agree with these experts when we do work for you.

The best glass company to call

We would like to uphold our reputation as one of the best window glass companies around. It makes us immensely proud when we exceed the expectations of our clients, and we would like to give you the same satisfaction of receiving the best work at the best price. All you need to do is to contact us right away, and we will give you a free quotation that meets your needs.

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