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Harsh outside elements, especially moisture and other weather conditions can cause a lot of damage to windows and window frames. Regular maintenance and repairs on windows for both commercial and residential properties is important to ensure that the windows last for a long time. Apex Window Werks is now in Lakeside to bring our skill set and provide high quality window repair and replacement solutions. We offer services that range from repair and replacement of insulated glass units to custom glass repairs while guaranteeing you the highest quality services and professionalism.

When Should You Repair Windows?

Windows that are damaged can be a safety and a security threat to your family or staff members while lowering property value and taking away aesthetic appeal.

Cracks and Breaks

Windows that are cracked can be fixed easily and quickly, but these cracks are often left unattended for too long and lead to expensive repairs. Fixing cracked window glass is very important for the security of your home or business.

Replacing broken glass with tempered glass is a beneficial option as tempered glass is stronger than normal glass. This is because tempered glass is heated and then rapidly cooled giving it different properties and making it harder to break. It is also safer if broken as the glass shatters into less dangerous, granular pieces. Laminated glass units are when two pieces of glass are fixed together between a layer of vinyl which stops the glass from shattering if it breaks.


If you have insulated glass units which have started to fog up on your property, it might be time to get them repaired. Fogginess in insulated glass units is often caused from the seal being damaged or broken. This kind of damage is usually due to heat and fluctuating temperatures that take a on the unit’s IGUs. Once the seal is damaged, moisture seeps in-between the glass panes resulting in fogginess and the unit losing its insulation properties. Apex Window Werks has mastered the repair of insulated glass units and with our unique tools and process; we can remove the fogginess and engineer the unit to remove moisture by itself.


Wood Rot

Wooden window frames are very susceptible to rot damage caused by moisture. It is vital to repair this kind of damage before it spreads as soon as possible in order to avoid the costly process of replacing the entire frame.

Custom Glass

Custom glass pieces add a beautiful and elegant finish to you home, but working with it is a delicate and intricate process. This is why custom glass pieces are best left to the professionals and Apex Window Werks is the ideal solution in Lakeside.

When to Replace Your Windows?

Maintaining your windows and installing new window technologies into your home or business adds value to the property and allows window upkeep to be easier and more cost effective. A single-paned glass unit that has been replaced by an insulated glass unit helps to make the building more energy efficient and is a sustainable solution for reducing heating and cooling costs.


Deciding to tint the windows for your business offers both a sleek look and increased security and Apex Window Werks offers a variety of tinting services and designs.

Replace or Repair?

Surface damage on window units can allow for repairs at a lower cost of replacing them, however, if the damage is too excessive or structural damage, it may need to be replaced. Apex Window Werks has an A+ BBB rating, making us qualified to assess the damage and advise you on further solutions.