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It has been said that the architectural soul in a building is found in wooden window frames as they add elegance to the structure. Harsh weather, moisture and natural wear and tear cause the frames to deteriorate and take away their unique character. This will leave your home or business looking un-cared for and run-down. At Apex Window Werks in Lakewood, this is an easy problem to resolve and we will take care of it quickly.

The most common problems in wooden window frames are wood rot and cracks. This happens when the frame isn’t designed properly or as a result or insects, weather conditions, vandalism, age or poor maintenance.

Apex Window Werks is the professional choice for expert repairs and replacement in Lakewood. We have a solution to all of your window related problems for your home or business. As an established and experienced business in Lakewood, We will take care of your window frames, window sills, fittings, sashes and brick mouldings.

The classic character found in wooden window frames has a limited lifespan which is vulnerable to fluctuations in weather, restricting the window’s functionality. Replacing the entire window frame is usually unnecessary and can be an expensive process when it’s not done by professionals. We at Apex Window Werks offer you a smart solution that saves you money and time by repairing and restoring damaged frames. We will bring life back into your unique wooden window frames without replacing the whole window unit.


We believe that wooden window frames should not be compromised on their aesthetic character when it comes to repairs or restorations. Committing to the unique originality of the window frame is why we would rather restore the frame instead of replacing damaged frames. By choosing to restore and repair, over replacing a window frame, we are able to keep the frames beautiful elegance and breathe a new life into it at a lower cost of replacement.

Wooden Window Frame Repair And Restoration in Lakewood, CO

This is vital when it comes to keeping the aesthetic appeal of the building which will require careful planning. With 8 years of experience behind our name, this is where Apex Window Werks comes into play. We have had a lot of experience with wooden window frames and have made repairs on heritage homes with vintage frames to modern offices of corporations.

We are a customer-orientated business and put the needs of our customers at the top of our priorities. We value the original craftsmanship of your home or business and want to maintain the buildings unique characteristics as much as you do. Apex Window Werks in Lakewood is dedicated to preserving the personality of every structure we work on.

Repairing and restoring wooden window frames requires a careful but simple process. Many wooden frames are crafted with intricate designs and you’ll want an experienced technician to professionally take care of your frames. Small repairs on frames that have less than 10% of rot can be done quickly with the help of a simple putty knife. If the affected area is larger, we will need to cut a larger section of wood and replace it with a new piece.

How is Rot Repaired?

  • Remove all wood affected by the rot
  • Clean the area of all dust and debris
  • Treat the exposed wood with a filler and an adhesive
  • Replace large sections affected by rot
  • Make a replacement for the rotten section removed
  • Fill any gaps with resin
  • Sand the area and paint with a finish

All our technicians at Apex Window Werks are qualified and professional in their work. All our repairs and replacements come with a guarantee and commitment to follow up with our customers on our projects to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.