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Owning your own home has so many advantages, you aren’t paying anyone else’s rent and you have full reign to do with the property what you will (so long as it is legal and within regulations), there are, however, a few disadvantages. Owning your own property means that you are now responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the entire property, this is disadvantageous especially if you are taking on years of negligence and weathering.

Possible neglect, time and weathering can lead to cracked and broken windows, leakages, rotten frames and doors etc. which can become costly and lead to more damage if not addressed in time. To adequately address this you need an experienced and qualified team of specialists; Apex Window Werks are exactly who you need to help you restore your home windows in a cost and time-efficient manner.

Quality is the Apex

Apex Window Werks have been in business for almost a decade and our excellent service and quality workmanship has enabled us to be awarded and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and be accepted on Angie’s List.

What can we do for you?

  • Wood window/door repair and replacement services

As wooden windows are susceptible to moisture and the ravages of time they require regular maintenance or they will ruin the aesthetic value of your home. Save money by calling Apex to repair your windows and keep the original character of the windows intact. Our restoration techniques will make sure those antique sash windows are beautiful and functional.

  • Window glass replacement

We do commercial and residential glass installation and repairs to maintain proper insulation and improve comfort.

  • Commercial window repair/replacement

Broken windows? We can install, repair and replace any kind of glass, no matter how big or small, including single pane, insulated double pane, clear and tinted. We can install both laminated and heat tempered glass and re-glaze your old sash windows.

  • Custom shaped glass installation and replacement
  • Foggy Window Repair

If you’ve lost your view to foggy windows, which is when condensation and moisture get trapped between the panes of glass in thermal or double-pane windows due to a ruptured seal or wear and tear from temperature and pressure fluctuations, you definitely need to give us a call. That moisture buildup can start to deteriorate your window frames, but instead of a costly replacement Apex will install a defogger valve and seal to prevent future buildup and restore the insulating properties of your windows.

Let us quote you

For your convenience, Apex Window Werks and our well trained and friendly staff are available 6 days a week (Mon – Fri). We will restore, repair or replace your window frames (and/or related services) and make sure every project is handled with care and meticulous precision.

If you are looking for the best window or door repair, replacement or installation professionals in Lakewood call us or request a free quote via the Contact Us form. We hope to speak with you soon!