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Lone Tree is one of the many suburbs in Colorado which are fortunate to be serviced by the skilled and qualified experts Apex Window Werks. Apex are dedicated to providing outstanding services at a price everyone can affordable. Why does Colorado choose Apex? There are a number of reasons;

  • Apex boast experienced, skilled and qualified technicians who repair, replace or restore all types of home and office doors and windows, as well as restore old and weathered wooden door and window
  • A decade of experience in the business
  • A proven track record; Apex are on Angie’s list and have been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Apex have the Solution to Your Window Emergency

Fixing your broken windows with minimal fuss is what we’re all about. Rely on Apex for the installation, replacement or repair of any type of glass, including custom shapes, no matter the size – for residential or commercial properties. This includes single pane windows, insulated (thermal) double pane windows, and clear or tinted windows. We also install laminated or heat-tempered glass where required, particularly advised in high-risk regions where the glass breaking is likely to lead to injury. For example, sliding patio doors.

Window Condensation is no match for Apex Window Werks

When excess moisture creeps in between your window panes in your insulated glass units, the resultant fogginess can obstruct your view and block the sunlight, causing a dingy feel. While it may seem that the only solution is to replace the units, Apex have a better idea. Apex Window Werks have a simple, cost-effective solution. By installing a defogging valve and seal in your window unit, we assist the moisture in escaping, retaining your window’s insulating property, without needing a replacement.

Rotten Wooden Frames Expertly Restored

In many older homes, we would highly recommend repairing and restoring weathered or damaged wooden doors and window frames as it is far more cost-effective than replacing them, and should you prefer that your home’s appearance stays the same is it did when you purchased it, then we will assist you in protecting its vintage value. Your wooden fixtures are prone to termite infestation, wood rot from excess moisture, which leads to swelling and jammed sashes or doors.

Apex are Committed to Customer Satisfaction in Lone Tree, CO

For a decade, Apex Window Werks have been providing window installation and repair services, including all around Colorado. Be among our many elated business and homeowners whose properties have been upgraded by our workmanship. Apex are also available for commercial door and window services.

Contact Apex for A Free in Quote Colorado, Today

No matter what your window or door requirements may be, Apex Window Werks are looking forward to hearing, so please do get in touch today. We are standing by to provide expert advice or free assessments to our satisfied clients in Lone Tree.