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Change, like the weather, is constant. Although your windows were designed to withstand the changes in season, over the years, the wear and tear will begin to take its toll, and your windows will require some TLC. It’s imperative that you maintain the windows of your residential or commercial property in Long Island in order to prevent the imminent skyrocketing in utility bills when your property’s insulation begins to suffer.

Fortunately, Apex Window Werks are available to see to all your window restoration and replacement requirements. We provide exemplary glass and wooden door and window services, which range from  insulated glass unit replacement and repair to customized glass maintenance and repair, while guaranteeing outstanding service and satisfaction.


How to Know When Its Time to Repair Your Windows

Smashed or cracked windows can pose a serious health and security hazard in your home or commercial premises, and can even lower the value of your property if left unchecked; not to mention that it looks unsightly.

No matter what your problem may be, Apex Window Werks has the solution in Long Island;

  • Custom Glass: We work with custom glass, which is a delicate and intricate procedure, best left to the experts.
  • Wood Rot: Wooden windows have a tendency to begin rotting due to excess Repairing rot before it gets a chance to spread is paramount.

Condensation: Should you have noticed that your insulated glass units have begun to condense, then repairs may be necessary. Condensation is generally the caused by ruptured seals, external heat or temperature fluctuations and can easily be prepared by our technicians and their state-of-the-art tools.

  • Cracks and Breaks: These are quickly and easily repaired, and should not be ignored for too long as damage will increase over time. Repairing cracks is vital for security reasons. When replacing a cracked or shattered unit, consider replacing it with tempered glass (glass which has been rapdily heated and cooled to strengthen it). Should the glass break again, the resulting granules are far less potentially harmful than sharp shards of broken glass.

How to Know When Its Time to Replace Your Windows

In order to sustain your Long Island property value, regular property maintenance is vital. This includes keeping abreast of new architectural trends and technologies which increase the building’s value, and keeping caretaking costs low. By replacing single-paned windows with IGUs, you can further raise the energy-efficiency of your home.

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Don’t delay, if you need windows installed, repaired, maintained or replaced then call the experts now. Apex Window Werks are always on call to provide expert advice and assistance – schedule a free estimation today! A proud member of Angie’s list with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can rest easy knowing that your windows are in safe, capable hands.