Oak Creek WI Home Window Repair, Window Glass Replacement Services, Windows Defogging and more

There are many reasons to replace old windows. Apex Window Werks has the expertise and technology to meet your restoration needs or fix a problem in an emergency. Since 2008, we have served homes and businesses and are A+ rated by the BBB. We have also been accepted by Angie’s List.

Window service from an experience, qualified team

That’s what you get when you call on Apex. Our experts are dedicated to serving clients from all walks of life. They can quickly replace your old home windows. They can repair a seal in no time. Even if your company is looking to spice up its appearance, our window replacement professionals are ready to be of help.

Commercial window repair has been at the core of our capabilities. Windows contribute to making an office functional, at the very least brightening up the work environment. Our team is able to meet your window and door needs.

Our core services also include:

  • Window glass replacement
  • Fogged window repair
  • Wood window/door repair and replacement

Glass replacement you can depend on

When you need glass replacement, experience makes all the difference. We ensure timely replacements whether its glass panels or door frames, single-pane units, or skylights. Our team can install high-grade insulated glass, durable tempered glass, or glass with custom shapes and sizes. No matter what you need, it is guaranteed to be high in quality as our company expands throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

We’re equipped to deal with moisture

Few inexperienced people know how moisture can be so damaging to even double-pane windows. Foggy windows more than look bad. They’re prone to more damage. A bad seal means heat from the sun, and declines in temperature, can have an even greater impact on the unit’s integrity. The moisture will settle deeper if nothing is done.

Our solution is a valve and seal system that eliminates the problem, not just masks it. There will be no further damage and your windows and doors will stay intact. They’ll even become more energy efficient, saving you even more money. Sealing the windows in your office or house is fast and effective.

When it comes to wooden windows, there’s no better

In many properties, it’s preferred to fix wood windows than to replace them. Our team can repair moisture damage, deterioration, or degraded wood due to vandalism or insects. We can fix wooden window frames as easily as fittings such as sashes, brick moldings, and window sills. Your heritage home or swanky office can look as fresh as ever.

Does your property need window/door repairs or replacements?

The professionalism, dedication, and craftsmanship you’ll get with Apex Window Werks is a rarity in the industry. A full range of services are available in Oak Creek. Learn even more about our services by calling our helpful representatives on the phone. Also, visit our Contact Us page to obtain a quote at no cost and explain to our team exactly what you need for your home or company.