Oak Park (Illinois) Basement Window Glass Replacement

Apex Window Werks defogged basement window glass in Oak Park, IL

What are foggy windows and how does it occur?

When there is excessive moisture build up between the panes of your windows they will become foggy, like the one in the image above, and obscure your view. This is often found in older thermal or double pane windows and is often the result of a deteriorated or ruptured seal allowing air and condensation to get trapped between the panes.

Oak Park (Illinois) Basement Window Glass Replacement
Oak Park (Illinois) Basement Window Glass Replacement

Why do I need to fix this?

Though one cannot control the weather, temperature and pressure fluctuations from the weather conditions play a major role in this kind of damage on the glass and seals of your windows. These damaged seals will then allow hot and cold air in and out of your windows making them less energy efficient and thus resulting in higher electricity bills.

In this case, the Apex Window Werks team was able to quickly replace the damaged basement window glass, without needing to change out the entire window ensuring the originality and beauty of this home. The newer seals are sure to improve the energy efficiency and will protect the window from further damage and deterioration.

Prevention is key.

Make sure to do routine checks of all the seals in your windows and doors to ensure that condensation and moisture buildup are not causing your home’s best features to deteriorate and costing you unnecessary expenses. Additionally air movement in your home can decrease condensation on your window surfaces.

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