Commercial Glass Repair Company in Ohio

The first experience anyone has of your business is of the building. Your property should reflect the character of your business and your brand. Creating a secure and aesthetically pleasing environment is essential. Apex Window Werks understands the significance of a space that makes customers feel comfortable and reminds them that they are in good hands.

Windows open your business up to the world. Don’t underestimate the difference that well-maintained windows can have on a structure. Add value to your commercial property by ensuring that regular repairs are done on windows.  Upkeep of window units should not be expensive. Apex offers a variety of solutions at competitive prices, allowing you to keep your property up to standard.

Damage to windows often goes unnoticed. If left unattended for too long, these problems can get worse, creating more extensive damage that will take longer and cost more to fix. It’s vital to have repairs done as soon as possible.


Problems such as rot in wooden frames can worsen over time and may eventually need to be replaced, rather than repaired. Apex has a team of experts who will gladly help you by evaluating your property accurately and in turn ensuring you get the most out of your premises.

Improve the aesthetics of your building by having basic repairs done. Rotting wood, degradation and poorly maintained finishes make your building look old and uncared for. Perfectly finished windows create a modern and sleek look which accurately reflects your business’s standards.

Fogging and damage occurs when moisture from weather gets trapped between window panes. This makes it difficult to see through the glass, creating a drab atmosphere.

Window repairs are not only good for aesthetics. Well-fitted windows can reduce your energy bill.  Clear defogged windows allow more light in reducing the amount of artificial lighting required. Leaks between the glass and window frame can also cause your bill to increase unnecessarily.

Create a pleasing work environment for your employees by updating windows to allow more fresh air in. Defogged windows also allow you to enjoy the view even on rainy days.

Security is important to your business. In order to maintain a successful business, you need to protect your assets. Obvious damage such as cracks in the windows can attract unwanted attention from offenders.

Cracks are simple to repair but if left to long, you may need to replace the window.  Tinted glass may be a good solution to security issues. Apex offers tinting services and a variety of glass designs.

If you need repairs done on the windows of your commercial property, don’t hesitate to contact Apex. Apex Window Werks has an A+ BBB rating and proudly features on Angie’s List. With eight years’ experience in the industry, Apex can offer high quality and reliable solutions.

Apex has the solution to any repair problem your business may have, from office door repairs to the replacement of intricate window glass.

Contact Apex for a variety of services in including but not limited to fogged window repair, window glass replacement and wood window/door repair & replacement.