Foggy Windows Repair Company in Ohio

There are few things more frustrating than foggy windows obstructing the view of your perfectly landscaped garden or the beautiful blue sky outside. Foggy windows have an unsightly appearance and can be expensive to repair.

Foggy windows are the result of the buildup of excessive moisture. Many solutions to this problem can be expensive or temporary.  Apex Window Werks has a solution that is not only affordable, but also quick and convenient.

Older structures usually still have single-paned windows, while many new buildings have double-pane units called insulating glass units or IGUs.  IGUs filled with dense gas acts as a thermal break. The density of the gases cause the cold air from outside to moves slower as it enters the warmer interior. But when the seal of the windows is not perfectly sealed, the insides of the window panes fill with small amounts of water or fog. This is a common problem with old or poorly maintained windows.


Damage that causes foggy windows is not limited to a ruptured seal. Temperature takes a toll on the health of glass units, particularly stress from the sun’s heat. Fluctuations in temperature and pressure, as well as extreme temperature changes makes the unit more prone to damage.

Moisture seeping into the sealed unit is unavoidable, natural and constant. But once the moisture starts settling further down, it becomes permanent and progressive. Deposits are left in the unit that shred its insulating properties. Apex makes use of propriety and precision tools to re-engineer windows in order to allow them to get rid of the moisture on its own.

There are solutions that don’t require you to replace the whole window unit. After almost a decade of experience, Apex has mastered the process of quickly getting rid of moisture from thermal pane windows. The proven process also helps recover the very critical insulating R-Value.

It’s fairly obvious to see why the Apex process is the best way to go.

  • Apex protects your windows against further damage.
  • It keeps the beauty and aesthetics of the doors and windows intact.
  • Apex makes use of energy efficient technology which ensures you save money.
  • The proven process eliminates the need to carry out expensive foggy windows replacement jobs.
  • Our process is fast and effective.
  • There is a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

This proven and mastered process involves the installation of the Defogger TM valve and seal, which helps remove the moisture from the glass unit. Basically, moisture is quickly removed and passed to the outer environment, rather than remaining stagnant. Because the dry air insulating property remains intact, meaning no mess, waste or inconvenience.

Apex Window Werks has an A+ rating by BBB and is Angie’s List accepted. Contact Apex for free quotes and competitive prices Apex is prompt with following up on work done and ready to listen to feedback. Apex values the relationships they form with clients and take pride in the vibrant and multicultural environment created and their focus on catering to the customer’s requirements.