Window Glass Replacement Company In Ohio

It’s the finer details and finishes that add character to the aesthetic of a building.  Glass windows offer not only visual appeal, but also security. For this reason, it’s important that you have secure glass window fittings.

There are many technological and decorative benefits of using class and one obvious downfall: glass breaks. But there’s no need to despair as you can keep inconvenience to a minimum by hiring professional and high quality repair services to take care of the problem.

Your home is your castle and every aspect of it needs to be handled with the utmost care, and every technician that enters your home should be professional, experienced and reliable. With Apex Window Werks, you don’t need to stress about getting repairs done, quickly and efficiently.

You don’t need to wait for your windows to break before replacing or repairing them. There are many reasons to do maintenance on your fittings. Fittings may even have sustained weather damage that you may not have noticed. Repairs may save you money by ensuring glass is well fitted and energy efficient solutions are implemented.

When it comes to glass windows, there is no shortage of options. With eight years’ experience in the business and an A+ rating by BBB, Apex can provide some insight into what solutions will best suit your needs.

The process of having glass windows and doors fitted is simple. The first step is to have an estimator visit your home and mark the window that needs attention. Technicians then take of the repair or replacement and dismantles the broken window from the glass in the window frame.  Often, even though the glass is cracked, it is still structurally sound and it may not be necessary to replace it completely.

Tempered Glass

In situations where it may be dangerous or lead to injury if glass breaks, it may be better to use tempered glass. Tempered glass decreases the chance of structural damage if broken. There are two types of tempered glass:

  • Laminated – where two pieces of glass are affixed to each other with a vinyl layer that keeps the glass fragments from spurting when it breaks
  • Tempered – glass that is first heated and cooled rapidly, making the glass stronger than usual. The broken glass results in less harmful and more granular pieces.

Custom Shaped Glass Replacement Service

Custom window designs are no problem for Apex.  Custom designs change the entire character of the space they are fitted in. Custom glass replacements are best left to experts, and Apex ensures that they are carried out efficiently and fit perfectly while following all the necessary insulation parameters.

Apex Window Werks’ glass replacement service portfolio includes everything from insulated glass units to single-pane units to custom shaped glass to skylights and sunny rooms. Apex also offers top quality insulated and single pane glass components in clear, tinted, and low thermal emissivity glass.

Call Apex today for a free quote and ensure your windows are kept up to standard.