House Window Repair Company In Ohio

Because your family’s security is of utmost important to you, make sure your home is regularly repaired and well-maintained. Not only does this ensure your home is your family’s haven, it contributes to making a comfortable, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Window repairs are essential to the upkeep of your home. Damage can often go undetected and deteriorate over time. Not repairing simple damage can eventually lead to the whole window unit needing to be replaced.


Apex Window Werks takes care of all repairs you need done to the windows on your property.

Repair or replace?

Whether it’s worth doing repairs or just replace the whole window depends on the extent of the damage and what has caused the problem. Surface problems such as chipped paint, unclear glass or locks that aren’t working are an easy fix.

Apex’s experienced team of experts are always willing to assess the situation and offer advise on how to proceed. Repairs are done efficiently and at affordable prices.

Wood Window Repairs

Wooden windows are a classic feature on homes and adds character and a classic style to your property. If not taken care of properly, wooden windows can incur a lot of damage. But wither proper care, wooden window units can last long and add value to your home. Apex repairs wooden windows with the intricate detail and care that it deserves.

Apex repairs all wood window parts including:

  • window sills
  • window frames
  • brick moldings
  • sashes
  • window casings
  • double hung windows

Eight years of experience in the window repair and restoration industry makes Apex an established and reliable wooden widow restoration firm. Apex takes pride in maintaining the originality of frames.

Foggy Windows

If the beautiful view of the outside world is foggy and unclear when it’s cold and wet outside, you may need to have them defogged.

Insulated glass units reduce heat transfers between the inside of your property and the temperatures outside and can often develop fogginess.

Foggy windows are caused by excessive moisture being trapped between the glass panes of the window.  Often solutions to foggy windows are expensive but Apex has a simple and cost-effective solution that protects the windows against further damage, keeping the aesthetics intact.

Fixing foggy windows is not only for aesthetic appeal but also saves energy and in turn, money.  Apex offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

Fogginess is caused by a ruptured seal that lets moisture seep in. Extreme temperatures or fluctuations in temperatures exerts pressure on the glass and its seals. This stress takes a toll on the health of glass units, making them prone to damage.

Moisture circulation is unavoidable and natural but once it progresses and starts settling further down in the window, it can become permanent, leaving deposits that damage the insulating properties of insulated glass units. With propriety and precision tools, Apex’s qualified technicians can re-engineer your window, allowing it to get rid of the moisture on its own.

Apex’s process involves the installation of Defogger TM valve and seal, which removes the moisture.

Contact Apex Window Werks for all your expert window repair service needs.