Repairing Rot in Wooden Windows (Ohio)

Wooden windows create a sense of warmth and elegance for your property. There are many advantages to wooden frames, aside from looking good. Wooden windows can be customized, and can have a variety of finishes.

Wood has natural insulation and is energy efficient. However, wooden finishes do require an extra little bit of care. But if treated and maintained well, your frames can last for years. If you have an expert team of technicians working on your property you won’t have any problems.

The beautiful aesthetic of wooden window frames can easily be spoilt by rotting wood.  Window frames are exposed to harsh conditions on the exterior, especially moisture. Once rot sets in it spreads destroying the integrity of the window frame. Regular maintenance is essential in keeping rot at bay and ensuring the longevity of your classic wooden frames.

Winter months in Ohio sees a lot of moisture from rain and snow, so you’ll want to make sure your property is protected.

When it comes to rot, it is important to catch it before it spreads, in order to avoid having to replace the whole window which can be expensive. Apex window Werks repairs and restores all wooden window parts including frames, sills and sashes.

Fixing rot is a simple enough process but requires planning and care. With 8 years’ experience in the industry, Apex can get the job done expertly. Rotting wood is not only bad for the window but compromises the security of your home or business.


Step 1 – See what you’re working with

What is the extent of the damage? If the rot has spread too far, you may have to replace it. Apex replaces units cost-effectively and timely. If the damage is not that extensive, about less than ten percent damaged, it may be repaired.

Step 2 – Get rid of rot

The second step is removing the rotted areas in the wood and ensuring you clean the debris well.

Step 3 – Drilling Holes

Holes are drilled into the wood to ensure that fillers can be secured.

Step 4 – Apply wood consolidant

Consolidant is applied and fills the holes drilled.

Step 5 – Apply the Filler

The repair is completed by adding filler to restore the original size of the frame.

Step 6 – Paint

The finishing touches are added by sanding down and painting the frame.  Paint is an important step as a good finish can protect the frame from future wear and tear and moisture.

Apex Window Werks specializes in all things window related and takes pride in a portfolio of a range of services and testimonials that reflect a commitment to service and getting jobs done right.  You want to leave the restoration of your property in good hands and all Apex’s technicians are qualified and professional.

All work is guaranteed and the job is not done until the customer is completely satisfied. Apex follows up on completed projects to address any concerns you may have. Great service need not cost you an arm and leg; Apex completes projects at affordable and competitive prices.

If you have wooden window frames that need repairs or just regular maintenance, Apex representatives will gladly provide a free quote.  Get in touch through the Contact Us page on the website.