Wooden Windows Repair and Replacement Company In Ohio

Wooden window frames make up the architectural soul of a building, easily adding a unique character to the structure. Natural wear and tear as well as harsh weather conditions can deteriorate the elegant design of wooden window frames, diminishing the aesthetic effects of the frames. This can leave buildings looking dilapidated and un-cared for. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve, especially with Apex Window Werks on your side.

Cracks and rot are common problems with wood windows. This is often due to inefficient design and uncontrollable factors such as vandalism, particularly in older buildings, excessive moisture from weather, insects, poor maintenance and deterioration due to age.

For expert repairs on windows damaged by weather and poor conditions, Apex is the qualified and professional choice. Specializing in repair and restoration of wooden windows, Apex has the solution to any window related problem you may have, whether it’s a residential or commercial building. As an experienced and established Elk Grove Village business, Apex takes care of window frames, fittings, window sills, brick moldings and sashes.

The classic aesthetic of wooden frames has a limited lifespan and is vulnerable to fluctuating weather and have a limited lifespan, which interferes with the functionality of the windows.  Replacing the whole window is not only unnecessary but can be expensive, especially when not done by professionals. Apex offers you a smart solution that will save you time and money. Rather than replacing the whole window, you can breathe life back into the existing structures, simply by repairing and restoring damaged and worn frames.

Apex believes that you should not compromise on the aesthetic of wooden frames when repairing or restoring them. The commitment to the originality of the frames is why Apex opts to restore rather than replace damaged frames. Restoration and repairs retain the original character and elegance of the window while adding a fresh new look, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Because preserving the focal point of a buildings aesthetic is vital, wooden window repairs need to be planned, careful and efficient. This is where Apex’s eight years of experience in the industry comes to play. Apex has a range of experience with wood windows, from heritage homes with vintage structures to modern corporate offices.

Apex is customer-oriented and prioritizes the customer’s every need. Because you value the craftsmanship of your building, whether it’s your home or your business, you would want to retain as much of the original piece as possible. Apex shares your dedication to preserving the personality of the structure.

Restoring wooden windows is a simple but careful process. Because wooden frames are often intricately designed and crafted, you want experienced professionals on the task. Smaller repairs can simply and quickly be done with the help of a handy putty knife. If the damage to the window is more extensive, we will cut out a bigger section and replace it with brand new wood.

How rot is repaired

  • Remove all the rot
  • Clean the area well
  • Treat with wood filler and adhesive
  • Replace large rotted sections
  • Make a replacement for the removed section
  • Fill with resin
  • Sand and finish

All Apex technicians are qualified and professional. Work comes with a guarantee and a commitment to following through on the project and ensuring customer satisfaction.