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It is important to vital that your broken windows are repaired as soon as possible. This applies to all buildings, but the residential and commercial sites in Old Westbury are the most likely to display issues with deteriorating windows. Age and deterioration show up in the form of cracks, jamming, rot, condensation and drafts – or you may not even notice the wear and tear until your energy bills begin to skyrocket.

This is due to loss of insulation in your home when air escapes through your compromised windows. While repairing your windows is the budget-friendlier option, as opposed to replacing them entirely. However, there are conditions which cannot or should not be repaired, and in this case, replacement will save more money over time. Count on the experts at Apex Window Werks to make the best call for your home and pocket.


Apex, Broken Glass Repair or Replacement Experts in Westbury, NY

The trusted professionals at Apex Window Werks have an A+ rating from BBB, proving that they are the best people to turn to to provide the best quality windows services. With nearly a decade of experience in skilled and high-quality window and door restoration, replacement or installation services which are featured on Angie’s List, you know you are in the hands of a highly dependable, professional team.

Some of the Residential Glass Repair Services Apex Offer

  • Custom Shaped Glass Replacement Service: If you have a specific need in mind, we can provide the customized solution for you. We deliver custom shaped fittings such as artistic paneling or skylights, installing precisely your specs and including full insulation. We offer the options of tinted, clear or low-emissivity
  • Single-pane Units: We offer full replacement and a full-spectrum of tinting, glazing, and re-glazing services.
  • Tempered Glass: Should you opt for safety glass, ie glass which breaks off into harmless granules, then laminated (two glass panes with a vinyl layer between to stop glass from scattering about if broken) or tempered (rapidly heated and cooled glass to create a stronger medium) units may be the best option for you.
  • Insulated Glass Units: Apex are known for our IGU specialty. Our insulated glass units are sealed hermetically with argon gas, providing elevated insulation which provides more energy efficiency. These are constructed from coated (annealed) or tempered glass, which complies with residential and commercial safety
  • Window glass repair: We provide glass replacement services for all types of windows, including single-paned, insulated, tempered and customized glass window units.

Glass Repair and Restoration Services in Old Westbury

If you seek the windows service professionals with an outstanding reputation for excellent customer service, then look no further! We have been A+ rated by the BBB, which demonstrates our commitment to your satisfaction, always. We have all the skills, technology and customer service attitude to deliver the quality service that you deserve, and we are committed to saving you both money and time. Call one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff today to find out how we can help you.