Picture Window Repair, Painting and Caulking in St Charles, IL

Picture window restoration in St Charles, IL by Apex Window Werks

The picture window in the above image (a large window that dominates a room, designed to present the most attractive view) had extensive water damage and rot, and possible burrowing insects, had got into the wood, probably due to the angle of the window sill not allowing for sufficient runoff of water and moisture allowing it to pool. The Apex team repaired the window sash, window sill, caulked the seals and joints and painted the final product.

Picture Window Repair St Charles, IL
Picture Window Repair St Charles, IL

Windows are both functional and aesthetic and add to the overall character of a home. Experts recommended that you should keep your original windows and doors (if possible) because the cost of replacing them is high but, more importantly, the removal of which can actually detract value from your property. For this reason, it is important to not only keep them but to restore and repair the windows to their original glory.

There are many things homeowners can do to ensure that their windows are in good condition. Make sure to perform annual maintenance checks where you make sure all the frames are still firm (softness tends to indicate either rot or insect infestation), that there is no mold (which can become a serious health hazard), and that there are no cracks and visible signs of wear and tear on your windows, which should be immediately be addressed. Weather-worn windows are likely to continue to deteriorate unless addressed correctly, which can cost you more money and time than a simple repair job would have.

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