Home Window Repair & Replacement, Window Glass Replacement Services, Windows Defogging and More In Port Washington NY

When it comes to home maintenance issues such as cracked or broken windows which are rotten or leaking, or worn window and door frames, repairs can be quite costly. Leaving it unchecked, however, can be way more costly. Let Apex Window Werks replace or repair your worn or broken doors and windows or frames in Port Washington in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Let our experienced and qualified team provide all the services you need to see clearly again.

Apex Window Werks Are Your Window Repair Pros

With over 8 years of experience, the premium work done by our skilled and highly qualified team have earned us a spot on Angie’s List, guaranteeing you excellent service and workmanship. We are also proudly rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Our Premium Port Washington Window Services Include;

  • Wood window/door repair and replacement services
  • Fogged window repair
  • Custom shaped glass installation and replacement
  • Commercial window repair/replacement
  • Window glass replacement

Say Goodbye to Foggy Windows

Too much moisture between your insulated windowpanes can ruin your view. Eventually, the harsh elements cause the seal to deteriorate, leading to moisture buildup. When this moisture becomes excessive, it damages your window frames. The most common solution is to replace your windows with new sealed units, but at Apex we can provide a more cost-effective solution. Instead of replacing the entire unit, we can fit a defogger valve and seal, which allows moisture buildup to escape, which keeps your insulated window insulated.

Expert Wooden Door and Window Restoration in Port Washington

While wooden doors and windows are lovely, they do not last. Elements such as insect damage, too much moisture, and lack of maintenance can spoil the overall appearance of your house. Many window ‘specialists’ merely replace your wooden door or window frames, which can drastically change the overall look of your home. Should your property have heritage value, this would particularly undesirable.

Rather than replacing your doors or windows, Apex do our best to retain the original character of the home by restoring them to their former glory, using new materials. In this way, your vintage sash windows can keep their classic look.

Commercial Window Services

Not only do we specialize in home window repairs and restorations, we also provide commercial glass installation and repairs services. Don’t let your broken factory windows lead to damaged equipment, we are the economical solution. By maintaining adequate insulation, you ensure the comfort of your staff customers.

Emergency Window Repair Services

Apex Window Werks are on hand to install, restore or replace any type of glass. We are skilled and equipped to handle any job, no matter how big or small, including single-pane, insulated double-pane, tinted or clear windows. We provide installation services for laminated and heat-tempered glass, including high-risk zones where glass shards could potentially cause injury. Do you old sash windows need to be re-glazed? Apex Window Werks are Prt Washington the experts to call.

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