Double-pane Glass Windows & Doors for Sale

Double-pane Glass Windows & Doors for Sale

Aurora double-pane glass— highly durable and reliable for commercial and residential buildings!

  • Reduce noise pollution and increase safety
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Improved insulation
  • Custom sizes and styles

We’re a proud supplier and installer of double-pane glass. Call us for all your double-pane glass needs!

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Benefits of Double-Glazed Glass for Windows & Doors

<span class="darken">Benefits of Double-Glazed</span> Glass for Windows & Doors

Double-pane glass panels enhance energy efficiency, block out hazardous ultraviolet rays, muffle sound, and provide an extra shield of protection from the weather.

Double-glazed Glass Offers Noise Reduction

​​Double-glazed glass acts as an insulator, trapping sound waves between two panes to reduce noise. This makes it useful for soundproofing homes, offices, and other buildings.

Double-insulated Glass is Durable

The glass is durable because it is made from two or more layers of glass that are separated by Argon gas and sealed to create an airtight barrier.

Double-pane Glass is Energy Efficient

Double-pane glass is energy efficient due to its air pocket insulation, preventing heat transfer and keeping interiors cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Double-insulated Glass Protects Against UV Rays

The special low-emissivity coating on double-insulated glass reflects UV light, thus protecting furniture, carpets, and other items from fading due to sunlight exposure.

Double-pane Glass is Eco-Friendly

Double-pane glass reduces heat loss and regulates inside temperatures. This means less energy is needed to cool or heat the building, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases.

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Aurora Double-pane <br><span class="white">Window Types Available</span>

Aurora Double-pane
Window Types Available

Our Aurora windows come in a variety of styles and materials to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Double Pane Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows open in two ways: by turning the handle to tilt inwards, allowing airflow while keeping the window secure, and by opening fully inwards.

Double-hung PVC Windows

Windows that feature two sashes that slide up and down to open and close, allowing for ventilation while still blocking out weather and other elements.

Double-glazed Picture Windows

These large, non-opening windows let in a lot of light and are used to frame a picturesque view, allowing for an uninterrupted view of the outdoors.

Shapes of Aurora Double-glazed Windows We Offer

Regardless of the shape, our double-pane window glass offers superior insulation, resulting in fewer drafts and a comfortable interior temperature.

Custom Circular Windows

Windows with Double-pane Rounded Glass Panels

Our custom round glass windows let in natural light and add a unique aesthetic to a property’s architecture.

Double-Hung PVC Windows

Rectangular Double-pane Windows

Constructed from wood, aluminum, and vinyl, these windows are popular in many home designs and are known for their classic, clean lines.

Arched Tilt & Turn Windows

Arched Double-insulated Windows

These windows are uniquely designed with a curved top that adds depth and interest to a room’s design. They look beautiful and bring in more natural light.

Custom Double-pane Windows for Sale

Custom Double-pane Windows for Sale

Made to measure, our range of custom double-pane window styles and finishes ensures you’ll find the ideal solution to match your property.

Type of Aurora Double-pane <br><span class="white">Glass Doors Available</span>

Type of Aurora Double-pane
Glass Doors Available

Our strong frames are constructed from the best materials available, guaranteeing a resilient door that won’t require replacing for a long time.

Double-insulated Tilt & Turn Doors

These doors feature a combination of ventilation and security, as they can be opened inwardly or tilted open.

French Double-pane Glass Doors

French doors, composed of two panels with glass windows, are hinged together and open outward from the center.

Sliding Patio Double-pane Doors

The most common entrance to a patio area or outdoor space is a door that slides open, typically made of one panel.

Glass Options for Double-insulated Doors & Windows

Double-Pane Glass Style

  • Tempered Double-pane Glass: Safety glass that’s strengthened through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling.
  • Double-glazed Laminated Glass: Two double-glazed glass panels bonded with a plastic interlayer that holds the glass together if broken.
  • Regular Double-pane Glass: Two panes of glass that are separated by air or Argon gas to minimize heat transfer and improve insulation.

Double Insulated Glass Style Options

  • Clear Glass for Doors & Windows: The most common type of glass used for windows, as it provides light and visibility, and is also energy efficient.
  • Double-pane Frosted Glass: Translucent glass with a frosted or textured surface that diffuses light and reduces glare while still allowing light to pass through.
  • Low-E Double-pane Glass: A double-glazed window with a thin, low-emissivity coating applied to the glass to reduce energy loss and improve efficiency.

Why Order Double-pane Glass Windows & Doors Online From Aurora?

Expert Window Glaziers

Expert Window Glaziers

We have been providing dual-pane window glass replacement in Illinois for over 15 years, with more than 40,000 projects completed so far, including doors.

A Trusted Glass Manufacturer

A Trusted Glass Manufacturer

We employ cutting-edge methods and strict quality control to ensure our double-pane glass conforms to all safety requirements.

5-Year Warranty

5-Year Warranty

We stand behind our products and craftsmanship by offering a warranty guaranteeing our customers’ satisfaction.

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

Our cost-effective double-glazed window glass replacements and door repair services provide the most bang for your buck!

Our Process

Our Process


Design Consultation

We meet with you, either virtually or in person, to assess and understand the requirements of your double-pane window or door project.


Measure & Manufacture

Our technicians double-check your window specifications and address any additional questions you have prior to manufacturing.


Expert Installation

Our experienced glaziers will install your product with the highest accuracy and attention to detail. Please there are additional charges for installation services.


Follow-up appointment

Our robust warranty is backed by a commitment to ensuring we install your arched windows as expected.

Get Your Free Estimate

Get Your Free Estimate

Upgrade to double-glazed glass today and experience the improved insulation, soundproofing, and energy efficiency it provides. Order insulated glass online and save money on future energy bills!

Aurora Double-pane Windows & Doors FAQ

How Much Do Double-pane Glass Doors & Windows Cost?

The cost of a dual-pane glass door or window can vary widely depending on the size, style, and type of glass. Please reach out to us with your project details and we’ll send you an estimate.

What’s Inside a Double-glazed Glass Unit?

Double panes of glass are typically filled with air; however, they can be upgraded to contain argon, a non-toxic, odorless gas providing better insulation due to its greater density than air.