Low-E Glass Windows & Doors for Sale

Low-E Glass Windows & Doors for Sale

Save energy and money Low-E windows and doors.

  • Carefully manufactured by us
  • Superlative soundproofing
  • Workmanship warranty
  • Full customization – any size, color, or shape!

For Low-E glass with high durability, endurance, and excellent insulation, call Apex Window Werks!

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Glass pane*
Or Schedule Your Low-E Glass Replacement Consultation Today!

Or Schedule Your Low-E Glass Replacement Consultation Today!

See how you can reduce your energy bills with Low-E glass!

Benefits of Low-E Glass for Doors & Windows

<span class="darken">Benefits of Low-E Glass</span> for Doors & Windows

Investing in Low-E glass is an intelligent decision for any homeowner. Such windows provide a range of advantages that can make one’s home and lifestyle more pleasant.

Better Climate Control

Double-paned glass combined with the more robust seals and framing of impact windows controls your home’s climate without costly air leakage.

Less Sun Glare

Low-E glass has a thin, transparent coating that reflects particular wavelengths of light, reducing glare. The coating also allows for more natural daylight to enter the room.

Reduced Condensation

Glass featuring Low-E technology reflects heat into the room and prevents warm air from condensing, which reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth.

Better Energy Efficiency

A Low-Emissivity coating provides improved energy efficiency by allowing visible light and brightness to enter the home while reflecting heat-producing ultraviolet and infrared rays away.

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Aurora Low Emissivity  <br><span class="white">Glass Windows We Offer</span>

Aurora Low Emissivity
Glass Windows We Offer

Whether you’re looking for a traditional style or a contemporary design, our windows provide superior energy efficiency and long-lasting durability.

Tilt & Turn Vinyl Windows

Tilt and turn vinyl double-pane windows open inward from the top or side, allowing ventilation while providing insulation and soundproofing. Made from durable, high-quality vinyl, they are easily adjustable.

Double-Hung Low-E Windows

Double-hung windows have two sashes that slide up/down in the frame, typically two pieces of glass/material, and can be opened top/bottom. They are popular due to their ease of use and high ventilation.

Low-E Picture Windows

Picture windows allow for more natural light and provide a beautiful view of the outdoors. They also make rooms appear larger and create a stunning focal point.

Shapes of Aurora Low-E Windows We Offer

When searching for windows, Apex Window Werks has plenty of options to match any style or budget

Custom Circular Windows

Round Low-E Windows

Round windows are an attractive architectural feature that can add a touch of character and charm to any home. We customize them to fit any architectural style, from classic to modern.

Rectangular Low-E Glass Windows

Rectangular Low-E Glass Windows

The geometric lines of rectangular windows create a classic modern look. Their traditional shape makes them easier to clean, requiring less maintenance than other window types.

Arched Tilt & Turn Windows

Arched Low-E Windows

Arched windows offer plenty of natural light and add an interesting and unexpected detail that can draw attention and make a statement while providing a great view.

Custom Shape Low-E Glass Windows

Custom Shape Low-E Glass Windows

Need something different? As leading U.S. Low-E glass manufacturers, we can create custom windows for your home business in whatever size and shape you need.

Aurora Low-E Glass  <br><span class="white">Doors Available</span>

Aurora Low-E Glass
Doors Available

Doors are a common feature in any home or building. We offer various types to suit your property and lifestyle needs.

Low-E Glass Vinyl Tilt & Turn Doors

These versatile doors open inwards and outwards and can be used for ventilation, security, or to create a barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Low-E French Doors

French doors offer a sophisticated and effortless way to bring the outdoors into your home, so you can take in the beauty of nature while relaxing in the comfort of your home.

Low-E Sliding Glass Doors

Adding modern, Low-E glass patio doors to your building is a great way to divide space or provide more efficient interior and exterior access than traditional hinged doors.

Low Emissivity Glass Options for Doors & Windows

Low-E Glass Pane Type

  • Double-Pane Low-E Windows & Doors: Two panes of glass separated by Argon gas to insulate against heat loss and reduce energy bills.
  • Triple-Pane Low-E Windows: Triple-pane glass has three layers of glass, with Argon pockets between them, to improve energy efficiency.

Low-E Glass Style

  • Tempered Low-E Glass: A glass specially treated with a chemical or heat process to make it much stronger than regular annealed glass.
  • Low-E Laminated Window: A type of safety glass that is made up of two or more sheets of glass bonded together by a plastic interlayer.
  • Regular Low-E Glass: A permanent acid-resistant coating is etched onto Low-E window glass to create a frosted or matte finish.

Why Order Low-E Glass Windows & Doors Online from Aurora?

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

For over a decade and a half, we have completed more than 40,000 repairs and installations of Low-E windows and doors in Illinois.

5-Year Warranty

5-Year Warranty

We provide a warranty that guarantees our work and ensures our customers are delighted with their purchase.

Professional Low-E Glass Manufacturers

Professional Low-E Glass Manufacturers

Apex promises the highest quality in our products and services by carefully controlling each step of the manufacturing process.

Budget-friendly Prices

Budget-friendly Prices

Our frosted window solutions provide outstanding dependability and affordability, giving customers the best value for their investment.

Our Process

Our Process


Low-Glass Consultation

We meet with you, either in person or remotely, to evaluate and comprehend your Low-E glass needs.


Measure & Manufacture

Our Low-E glazing experts verify the details of your project and address any additional queries you may have.



We conduct installations with utmost accuracy and care. Please note that an extra charge is applied for these services.


Follow up

Customer satisfaction is important to us, which is why we ensure your doors and windows are performing as expected.

Get Your Free Estimate

Get Your Free Estimate

Contact our team today to get a free quote on low-E glass windows from Apex Window Werks!

Aurora Low-E Glass Windows & Doors FAQ

How does Low-E glass work?

Low-E coating on windows prevents the interior from becoming too hot or cold; in cold temperatures, it reflects longwave infrared energy into the room; in hot temperatures, it reflects heat from the sun out.

How to check if I have Low Emissivity glass doors or windows?

Low-emissivity glass has a coating that gives it a metallic, reflective, or silver tint. You can also check the product label – glass panes are typically labeled with a manufacturer’s mark.

How much do Low-E glass doors & windows cost?

The cost of a Low-E glass door or window depends on their configurations and the scope of the project. Please reach out to us for a free consultation and quote.