Tempered Glass Windows & Doors for Sale

Tempered Glass Windows & Doors for Sale

Stronger and more durable than normal glass, our tempered glass is:

  • customizable in a range of sizes and styles
  • shatterproof
  • energy-efficient and
  • scratch-resistant!

Upgrade your building and install tempered glass today!

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Benefits of Safety Glass for Windows & Doors

<span class="darken">Benefits of Safety Glass</span> for Windows & Doors

Produced by subjecting it to controlled thermal or chemical treatments, tempered glass is a form of safety glass that offers several benefits.

Tempered Glass Is Safe

Tempered glass provides safety by breaking into small granules instead of sharp pieces upon serious impact, which is mainly why it’s extensively employed in residential and commercial buildings.

Tempered Glass Is Strong and Durable

Tempered glass is approximately four times stronger and about five times less breakable than annealed or “ordinary glass” due to the compression produced during manufacturing.

Tempered Glass Is Scratch-resistant

Tempering creates a more uniform surface that is less likely to have microscopic defects, which can lead to scratches. As a result, tempered glass is highly scratch-resistant

Tempered Glass Offers Various Designs and Patterns

With its various designs and patterns, tempered glass is suitable for any application requiring glass, especially exterior and interior doors, windows, and even shower doors.

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Aurora Tempered <br><span class="white">Glass Windows We Offer</span>

Aurora Tempered
Glass Windows We Offer

In the market for new tempered windows? We have window types and options that suit any building style and budget, whether it’s for a tempered glass bathroom window or office door.

Aurora Tempered Glass <br><span class="white">Door Types Available</span>

Aurora Tempered Glass
Door Types Available

Our door profiles are designed with your budget and style in mind. No doubt, you’ll find a versatile collection at Apex Window Werks.

Tempered Glass Options for Doors & Windows

Tempered Glass Pane Type

  • Double Pane: This type of glass provides better thermal insulation than single pane glass, as the space between the panes reduces the heat that can pass through the glass.
  • Triple Pane: Similar to double pane glass, triple pane glass consists of three glass panes separated by two spaces filled with air or gas.

Tempered Glass Type

  • Clear Tempered Glass: For most applications, clear tempered glass is preferred over regular glass because if it does break, it will shatter into small, blunt pieces rather than sharp shards.
  • Frosted Tempered Glass: A type of safety glass treated with heat to increase its strength and then sandblasted or acid-etched on its outer layers to create a frosted or opaque appearance.
  • Low-e Tempered Glass: An energy-efficient option for windows and doors, as it helps to reduce heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer

Why Order Tempered Glass Windows & Doors Online From Aurora?

Expert Glass Manufacturers

Expert Glass Manufacturers

Our custom glass units are crafted and designed by skilled glass technicians who draw upon their years of experience and expertise.

Quality Service

Quality Service

We control our manufacturing process and installation quality to ensure our customers receive the best service on the market.

Experienced Glaziers

Experienced Glaziers

For the past 15 years, we have completed over 40,000 projects for our clients, enhancing their buildings’ comfort.

Our Process

Our Process


Glass Design Consultation

We meet with you, either in person or virtually, to assess and understand your toughened glass project’s needs.


Measure & Manufacture

We employ the measurements taken to manufacture and precisely cut the glass, meeting your building’s requirements with accuracy and attention to detail.



Our skilled glaziers ensure the entire window installation process is carried out with precision and attention to detail. Kindly note there is an additional fee for tempered glass installation services.


Customer Care

We’re dedicated to ensuring our safety glass performs as anticipated and follow-up to ensure you’re happy with your new doors and windows.

Get Your Free Estimate

Get Your Free Estimate

Your windows and doors don’t need to break to be upgraded. Make your property safer with tempered glass! Call our glaziers today!

Aurora Tempered Glass Windows & Doors FAQs

How can you tell if the glass is tempered?

Each tempered glass sheet should have a discreet stamp (in one of the corners) indicating it has undergone the tempering process. It confirms that the glass has been approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) for its impact-resistant properties.

Do tempered glass windows and doors crack easily?

A tempered glass window or door is designed to be 4x more durable and resistant to damage than standard glass. While tempered glass breaking it’s unlikely, it’s still possible under certain conditions, such as extreme force or impact.

How Much Do Tempered Glass Doors & Windows Cost?

The cost of toughened glass, a tempered glass window replacement, or a tempered glass shower door or window depends on the size, configuration, and project scope. Please reach out to us to get an estimate!