uPVC Arched Windows for Sale

uPVC Arched Windows for Sale

Want to add a focal point to your building? Buy arch windows from Apes Window Werks!

  • Fully customizable – any size!
  • Superior soundproofing and insulation
  • Safety glass for enhanced security
  • Long-lasting and locally manufactured!

Front-facing custom-arched windows add charm, style, and beauty to your building while still allowing natural light to come in.

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Glass pane*

Benefits of Vinyl Radius Windows

<span class="darken">Benefits of Vinyl</span> Radius Windows

Arched windows add beauty and versatility to a building’s architecture. Not only do they look nice, but they can also provide practical benefits for the interior and exterior of the building.

Energy-Efficient Savings

Our arch windows’ low-emissivity coating protects the room against heat transfer and reduces energy bills. Additionally, these fixed specialty windows have tight seals, so no energy is lost, improving your building’s energy efficiency.

Long-Lasting Quality

We understand that when investing in an arched window, you want quality and longevity. That’s why we craft every window with the utmost attention to detail and the highest-grade materials, ensuring that your arched window will last.

Timeless Appeal

Arched windows can give a home a unique and attractive look since most houses only have rectangular windows. Their classic, timeless style suits traditional and modern designs. Custom arched windows provide a fantastic design accent for contemporary buildings.


Some arches have adjustable windows, while others are fixed and only let in light. Combine them with other windows or have them installed as a standalone feature. And within the basic arched shape, individual panes can be designed in endless configurations.

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Features of Aurora Vinyl <br><span class="white">Arched Windows</span>

Features of Aurora Vinyl
Arched Windows

Arched windows bring in more natural light while still providing privacy, as they are often placed higher up on walls or ceilings. With better insulation and aesthetics, our arched windows for sale offer many great features

European Tilt & Turn Windows

Vinyl Frames and Sashes

From Diamond to Prairie, Fan to Thirds, and Sixths to Quarters; the design possibilities are practically endless.

Insulated Glass Unit

Insulated Glass Unit

Our window glass provides better insulation that keeps interiors at a comfortable temperature year-round and helps reduce drafts.

Rectangular Picture Windows

Various Grid Styles

If you’re looking for a custom grid-based design, you have many options. Some of the most popular grids are the Diamond, Prairie, Fan, Thirds, Sixths, and Quarters.

Types of Aurora Arched Windows We Offer

Our radius, round, arched, and specialty-shaped windows are custom-made to your specification. Bring your imagination to the table, and we can create the exact window you have in mind, whether it’s an elliptical, segment, or half-round. All of our custom windows are crafted in the USA, making them an ideal choice for your next project.

Glass Options for Aurora Vinyl Half Circle Windows

Glass Pane Type for Vinyl Arched Windows

  • Double Pane: Also called insulated glass, this glass has two panes with a layer of argon gas in between them to prevent heat and sound from entering or escaping.
  • Triple Pane: Increase energy efficiency and reduce heat transfer and noise with three panes of glass separated by thin layers of argon gas.

Glass Pane Style for Vinyl Arched Windows

  • Tempered Glass: Thermally or chemically treated safety glass that is four to five times stronger than regular glass.
  • Laminated Glass: Laminated glass is not only highly resistant to penetration, but it also creates a barrier that blocks out noise, UV radiation, and heat.
  • Regular Glass: Glass with uniform thickness and clarity that is shatter-resistant, durable, and perfect for curved windows.

Glass Type Options for Vinyl Arched Windows

  • Clear Glass: A cost-efficient solution that requires minimal upkeep and provides superior insulation and longevity, all while providing a clear and uninterrupted view.
  • Frosted Glass: Glass altered to make it either textured or opaque for privacy or decorative purposes.
  • Low-E Glass: A type of glass with low emissivity coating on its surface that helps reduce the amount of heat transfer.

Why Choose Aurora uPVC Arched Windows?

Skilled Team

Skilled Team

For over 15 years, we’ve conducted more than 40,000 repairs and installations of rounded windows in Illinois.

Expert Window Manufacturers

Expert Window Manufacturers

Our company guarantees excellence by overseeing every step of the manufacturing process.

5-Year Warranty

5-Year Warranty

We stand behind our products and craftsmanship by offering a warranty guaranteeing our customers’ satisfaction.



Our reliable and economical window solutions give customers the biggest value for money.

Our Process

Our Process


Design Consultation

We meet with you, either in person or virtually, to assess and understand the requirements of your curved window project.


Measure & Manufacture

Before submitting the order, our technicians confirm your window specifications and answer any last-minute questions you may have.



Our experienced glaziers guarantee the installation is completed with precision and utmost care. Please be aware that additional fees may apply for installation services.


Follow up

Our robust warranty is backed by a commitment to ensuring we install your arched windows as expected.

Get Your Quote for Arched Windows Today!

Get Your Quote for Arched Windows Today!

Add an elegant touch to your property and keep energy bills low with our arched windows. Get your arch windows today!

Arched Windows FAQs

What are the common types of arched windows?

Elliptical windows have a top arching shape and square or rectangular bottom. The following shapes are some of the most popular types:

  • Radius windows: These standard arched windows have a curved top and a rectangular body. These windows come in various sizes, from short to extra tall.
    half-moon/half-circle windows: Half-round or half-moon windows are semicircular and are typically placed at the top of a rectangular window to create an arched design.
  • Oval windows: Windows with an arch shape with two radius curves, creating an elliptical or oval shape. They are often used to create a unique architectural element and to allow more light into a space.
  • Quarter Circle: These windows are split into four equal parts. They are typically used as decorative features in buildings, usually near the ceiling.

How much do arched windows cost?

The cost of replacing an arch window can vary greatly depending on the type, size, and brand. On average, it’s between $200 and $800, while installation is roughly $75. Please contact us for an accurate quote; we have many radius windows for sale.

Do arched windows open?

These fixed-style windows do not allow for ventilation but bring in lots of natural light, making them a low-maintenance option. However, if you are looking for an operable window, consider an arch with a separate arch on top and a double or single-hung window below. The arch portion of the radius window is fixed, but the lower window can open and close as usual.