Round Windows for Sale

Round Windows for Sale

Looking for quality uPVC round windows? We’re expert US uPVC circular window manufacturers.

  • Fully customizable – any size!
  • Superior insulation and soundproofing
  • Tempered or laminated glass for enhanced safety
  • Long-lasting and great value!

Create a unique appearance and space with our custom uPVC round windows! Call Apex Window Werks to craft a custom window solution for you!

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Benefits of Vinyl Round Windows

<span class="darken">Benefits of Vinyl</span> Round Windows

An attractive and stylish addition to any building, circular windows provide extra light and break the monotony of straight lines that define most facades.

Energy-Efficient Savings

Since round-shaped windows are generally smaller than traditional ones, they create less space for air to escape, reducing the amount of energy lost.

Long-Lasting Quality

As glass window production specialists, our advanced manufacturing methods utilize only the highest quality materials to ensure long-lasting results.

Modern Yet Timeless Design

Circular windows are a great option for both new construction and home renovations. They are particularly effective in renovations, providing your home with a fresh, new look with minimal effort and cost.

Lower Space Requirements

Windows with a circular shape occupy very little space and can fit into a small area, such as a gable, as their size is determined by the diameter, not by corners.

Schedule an Estimate

Schedule an Estimate

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Features of Aurora Vinyl <br><span class="white">Round Shape Windows</span>

Features of Aurora Vinyl
Round Shape Windows

We produce and provide custom-made windows in circular and oval shapes, ranging from the small portholes popular in bathrooms to a large, eye-catching centerpiece in your living room.

European Tilt & Turn Windows

uPVC-Clad Frames

uPVC frames offer several advantages, such as increased insulation, better soundproofing, and improved durability and weather resistance

Insulated Glass Unit

Insulated Glass Unit

An insulated glass unit dramatically reduces heat loss, significantly increases energy efficiency, provides greater structural integrity, and is highly resistant to condensation.

Fixed Model

Fixed Model

Fixed model windows are more secure and energy efficient, as they are not exposed to the wind and other elements.

Metal Reinforcement

Additional Security Options

Our range of safety glass options provides increased protection from impact, heat, and shattering, with insulation, UV protection, and soundproofing benefits.

Types of Aurora Circular Windows for Sale

Fixed windows are perfect for creating a beautiful view or brightening a room. Our round picture windows provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors, letting in natural light and making a stunning focal point in any room, while our custom circular windows come in various shapes and sizes to suit any décor.

Custom Circular Windows

Custom Circular Windows

Glass Options for Aurora Vinyl Circular Windows

Glass Pane Type for Vinyl Round Windows

  • Double Pane: Double pane glass, also known as insulated glass, consists of two glass panes with a layer of argon gas between them to help keep heat and sound from entering or leaving.
  • Triple Pane: Further reduce heat transfer and noise and improve energy efficiency with three panes of glass separated by thin layers of argon gas.

Glass Pane Style for Vinyl Round Windows

  • Tempered Glass: A type of safety glass that is treated with thermal or chemical processes to make it four to five times stronger than standard glass.
  • Laminated Glass: Highly resistant to penetration, laminated glass also provides a barrier to noise, UV radiation, and heat.
  • Regular Glass: Annealed class of uniform thickness and clarity that is durable, resistant to shattering, and suitable for circular windows.

Glass Type Options for Vinyl Round Windows

  • Clear Glass: This glass is cost-effective, requires minimal maintenance and offers superior insulation and durability while providing an uninterrupted, clear view.
  • Frosted Glass: A glass that has been treated to make it either textured or opaque for either privacy or decorative purposes.
  • Low-E Glass: Windows fitted with Low-E glass help conserve energy by controlling how much heat can enter or leave the building.

Why Choose Aurora uPVC Round Windows?

Round Window Manufacturers

Round Window Manufacturers

We take the utmost care to ensure superior quality by managing the entire manufacturing process from beginning to end.

5-Year Warranty

5-Year Warranty

As part of our commitment to our customers, we provide a workmanship and product warranty.

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Our glaziers have conducted over 40 000 round window repairs and installations in Illinois for over 15 years.



We give customers the best bang for their buck with the most durable and cost-efficient solutions.

Our Process

Our Process


Design Consultation

We meet with you, either in person or virtually, to assess and understand the requirements of your circular window project.


Measure & Manufacture

Before submitting the order, our technicians confirm your window measurements and answer any last-minute questions you may have.



We use only the highest quality materials and thoroughly inspect the window before installation. Our skilled glaziers ensure the installation is carried out with precision and attention to detail. Kindly note there is an additional fee for installation services.


Follow up

Our robust warranty is backed by a commitment to ensuring your round circle windows function as expected.

Get Your Quote for Round Windows Today!

Get Your Quote for Round Windows Today!

Let us show you the difference that high-performance circle windows can make to your property!

Round Windows FAQs

What are the common types of Round Windows

You may think of round windows as just a simple circular window, but there are quite a few styles for you to consider.

  • Quarter and Half Round Windows: Windows with a curved top and a straight bottom, typically shaped like a semi-circle.
  • Elliptical Windows: Characterized by their oval or elliptical shape, these windows have curved edges and are often used to create an elegant and unique look
  • Oval Windows: Windows that have an elongated shape resembling an egg-curved top and sides, with flat bottoms.
  • Chord Windows: A combination of circular and oval windows, with neither shape being overly prominent.
  • Other Round Window Options: Many window pane types, such as single, double, or triple pane, and glass types, like tempered, obscure, tinted, and self-cleaning, are available. Please speak to us to get the best look for your building’s design.

Do Round Windows Open?

Some porthole windows open, but the majority, and the ones we manufacture, don’t. Those that do open have a horizontal pivot with a handle at the top or bottom.

How Much Do Round Windows Cost?

Round windows are typically one of the more expensive windows simply because of their unique design – between $250 and $750. The exact cost of installing or replacing a round exterior window depends on the size and style. Please reach out to us for a free quote.

Do you offer installation of round windows as well?

Yes, we do! Installing round windows is a lot more challenging than rectangular ones. For this reason, we highly recommend hiring professionals. Let us take care of the job hassle-free!