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Apex Window Werks provide excellent door and window maintenance services to Sedalia, Colorado. Known for the excellent level of quality the we provide, Apex are a skilled team of qualified professionals, with expertise that covers a vast range of door and window repair and maintenance services. Our great workmanship and friendly and professional customer service has earned us a mention on Angie’s List, as well as a coveted A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Apex Window Werks are Committed To Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Apex boast a long history and proud reputation for consistently delivering expert window and door fitment, maintenance, and replacement in Sedalia, Colorado. Apex Window Werks have been providing outstanding window services for a decade, which is why we are the ones you can depend on to handle your project with skill, quality workmanship, and budget-friendly solution. Apex Window Werks’ Services includes;

  • Private or commercial door and window fitment, restoration and replacement to all types of glass or wooden windows and doors
  • Repairing your foggy windows and preventing them from misting up again
  • Replacement of window glass (custom shaped, single-paned or insulated glass units)

Colorado Residents Depend on Apex for to Install and Repair their Windows

Apex Window Werks offer all types of window services, including installing or replacing any type of glass or wooden window or door. We have experience in many types of projects, including insulated glass units, single-paned glass windows, tempered glass and custom shaped windows.

Apex Window Werks are the Window Condensation Pros

While double-panes glass windows, also known as IGUs (insulated glass units) or even thermal windows , are handy for their energy efficiency and limiting your home’s energy consumptions (and utility bills), they do have a tendency to become misted up over time. This is cause by too much moisture getting trapped in between the glass units, which is usually evidence of a broken seal. We can rsolve the issue without replaceing the window, saving you time and money.

Rely on Apex To Expertly Restore Your Wooden Doors and Windows in Sedalia, CO

Your wooden doors and window frames bring a timelessly classy look to your home, but after time, as they begin to age and weather, the look becomes a lot less appealing. Wooden features re unfortunately have a higher tendency to become damaged from excess moisture, insect infestation and warping.

Most window maintenance companies will tell you that you need to replace your entire unit. In always looking for the most cost-effective solution, we have found that we can restore your windows and doors with modern material, retaining your home’s vintage appeal and saving you lots of money.

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